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Top 11 Advices Given By Health Experts To Reduce Body Fat

By Sravia Sivaram

It's high time you need to start worrying about your excess kilograms as it can adversely affect your health in the long run.

Excess weight can be linked to several major health issues like heart disease, depression, liver failure and diabetes.

Eating healthy and exercising are two of the main methods with which you can lose weight effectively.

Now you might be thinking that diet and exercise are the only means by which you can lose weight. But that isn't true. There are several other methods that help you achieve this task.

These are some of the best and natural methods to reduce body weight, which are compiled as a part of the World Health Day.

According to health experts, losing weight is also about adding some specific ingredients to your diet, by which you can actually speed up your weight loss process.

You need to first realize that to lose weight, you need to expend more energy than what you take in. When you are using more than what you're taking in, then the body uses the stored fat to convert it into energy.

This article will help you find out about some of the best natural methods to reduce body weight.

Continue reading to find out how to lose weight naturally at home.


1. Be More Physically Active:

People who want to lose fat, especially belly fat, must do cardio workouts. Cardio is the best way to eliminate excess weight and you must also focus on being physically active. This will let you know how to lose weight naturally at home.


2. Avoid Anything That Is Labeled As Diet:

Diet version of any sugary drinks should be avoided, as these are going be of no use at all. These are only spiked with sugar and ultimately increase your weight.


3. The Biggest Meal Of The Day Must Be After A Workout:

Your body must recover after a workout, in other words, your body must be able to replenish the blood sugar levels in order to prevent the muscles from tearing. Hence your biggest meal must be after a workout.


4. Increase The Amount Of Thermogenesis:

This can be done by increasing the intake of cruciferous vegetables and lean protein. This will help you reduce body weight as your body will have to expend some good amount of calories just to digest this food.


5. Add Vinegar To Your Diet:

Adding apple cider vinegar to your diet will help keep the blood sugar levels stable and this will help you achieve your weight loss goals eventually.


6. Increase The Intake Of Nuts:

Nuts are a good source of fibre and protein and these help in achieving weight loss goals. This will also keep you fuller for a longer period of time.


7. Try Out Circuit Training:

Doing this will not only help in burning calories but will also help in building muscle. You can try push-ups, jumping squats or much more. This is one of the natural methods to reduce your body weight.


8. Choose The Right Time To Cheat:

Cheating on one meal is not going to affect your diet. But you need to select the right time to do so and plan ahead.


9. Be Well Hydrated:

Water is your best pal when it comes to weight loss. It will make you feel fuller and also cut off extra calorie intake.


10. Get Some Hemp:

If you want to lose weight, then you must increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids. This will let you know how to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently.


11. Eliminate Junk Foods:

Avoid the consumption of starchy foods, processed foods and alcohol and replace them with foods like protein and healthy fats.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 6, 2017, 16:30 [IST]