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Simple Tips To Walk More To Lose Weight Without Even Trying!

By Chandana Rao

Are you someone who enjoys a calming stroll by the beach? Do you like walking around to explore a new place while travelling?

If yes, then you may think that you are a fan of walking; however, the truth is that, when walking is required to be done as a daily workout, most of us tend to shy away from it!

Brisk walking and sweating for more than 30 minutes at a stretch can be completely different from taking a relaxing stroll!

Brisk walking is an actual form of exercise which comes with numerous health benefits, along with helping a person to lose weight.

In addition to the weight loss benefits, walking can also aid in relieving stress, treating digestive issues, reducing sinusitis, boosting your immune system, increasing metabolic rate, treating depression, etc.

Being obese or overweight can be a huge blow to one's confidence and it can also affect your health to a great extent.

When you are overweight and your BMI is more than what is there in the normal healthy range, it could lead to numerous other health conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol level, joint pain, cardiovascular disorders, etc.

Now, many medical and fitness professionals claim that walking can help a person lose weight; however, if you have been walking regularly and still see no difference in your weight, then may be there could be something wrong that you are doing.

Natural weight loss remedies such as walking, going to the gym, swimming, etc., are very effective, only when you practice them in the right manner.

So, here are a few simple tips which can help you walk more on a daily basis, without even making much of a conscious effort.


1. Take The Stairs

Whether you are at work, home, malls or your friend's apartment, make it a rule not to take the elevators or the escalators and climb the stairs each time. Climbing can also count as walking!


2. Walk To Your Co-workers

At work, instead of calling, texting or mailing a co-worker who sits at a distance or on another floor, make it a point to walk over to them and discuss, this helps burn calories too!


3. Find A Walking Partner

Find a friend who can be your ‘walking partner'. This habit helps both of you keep each other motivated to walk on a daily basis and company kills the boredom of monotonous exercise.


4. Walk To The Grocery Store

Each time you want to go to the grocery store or to the nearest market, avoid using your cars or bikes and walk to the stores, especially if they are less than 3 km away!


5. Join Trekking Groups

Join trekking groups which take people on scenic treks on a weekly basis. This activity helps you meet new people, as well as burn some calories to lose weight!


6. Walk After Dinner

Ensure that you finish your dinner before 9pm and then walk for 30 minutes around your neighbourhood or in the nearest park. This habit can aid a healthy digestion, as well as trigger weight loss.


7. Explore Your Neighbourhood During Weekends

During the weekends, try exploring the city and the neighbourhood you live in further, by foot! Use the maps on your phone and discover new hangouts and places by walking to them.


8. Go On Long Walks Listening To Music

Make a playlist of all your favourite songs and go on long walks listening to them. This habit not only lets you enjoy your favourite music, but it can also help burn calories and reduce stress, after a long day at work.


9. Take A Walk When Early For An Appointment

In case you arrive early for an appointment at the doctor's or a meeting or even a date, and you are just waiting by yourself, go out and take a walk around the block until the person you are meeting arrives.


10. Walk Back Home Every Time You Dine Out

Make it a rule to walk back home each time you eat out (if the restaurant is at a reasonable distance) to burn all those calories!

Story first published: Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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