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Snacks That You Thought Were Healthy, But Aren't

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You might be on a strict diet opting only for healthy foods. Your snack might also be constituting of those so-called healthy snacks, which you thought served the purpose. But if you have not been successful in reaching your target, even after that diet, then the problem lies with the snacks that you're munching on in between with the belief that they are healthy.

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There are certain snacks that are to be avoided by all means and must not be inclusive of our daily diet. Hence, the best you can do is to keep a tab on all the unhealthy foods out there and make sure not to consume them.

There are a plethora of choices for us to select from when it comes to snacks, and hence smartness lies in the kind of snacks we opt to munch on. Avoid foods that have added sugars, extra trans fat and saturated fat. Make sure to avoid highly processed foods as well.

These snacks will not help you stick to your diet and be sure not to get fooled by these, as what they have been claiming to do on ads.

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Continue reading in order to know more about these snacks that are to be completely avoided.


1. Veggie Chips:

Do not get fooled by the word "veggie" on its cover. Its as bad as a pack of potato chips. These chips are primarily made of vegetable flour and do not contain any chips at all. They are also high on fats, calories, as well as sodium.


2. Energy Bars:

These were developed to give athletes enough energy and stamina. But overtime, it turned out to be a common go-to snack for all. These bars are made out of chocolate, high fructose corn syrup and artery-clogging saturated fat. It is also one of the top unhealthy snacks to be avoided.


3. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter:

When the fat from the peanut butter is removed, sugar is added to replace the lost flavour. Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fats and is considered to be good for the heart. So, opt for natural peanut butter instead.


4. Trail Mix:

Trail mix is a combination of several nuts and fruits and is said to offer energy to the hikers. These are considered to be very healthy; but the truth is, they are not. These are actually pre-packaged and processed foods, and the the nuts and fruits are usually drenched in sugar and salts.


5. Smoothies:

Eating a fruit is better off than having smoothies that are bought from the stores. You could prepare this at home, rather than buying it from the markets because these may have around 650-1000 calories!


6. Frozen Yogurt:

The amount of calories and sugars that come along with a frozen yogurt make it a poor snack choice that you must avoid eating regularly.


7. Toasted Pastries:

These are highly processed and contain several additives, preservatives and added sugars. These can be considered as the top most snacks that you need to avoid, which are completely unhealthy.


8. Sugary Cereals:

Many sugary cereals nowadays are highly processed and during this process, their natural nutrients get stripped off, therefore adding to a lot of calories in them. Trust us, these are not healthy snacks.

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