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Playing Football For Fitness!


Playing football for fitness is a good idea. And yes, all women should try it. Sports are the best way of staying fit and healthy. And football is fun. Women play football in many countries. But this article discusses why more women can embrace football as their fitness activity.

If going to a gym and working out seems boring, then football can be entertaining as it is a team activity and requires good co-ordination, strategies and lots of running.

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Many years ago, football was perceived as a men's game, but today, things have changed. Women even mastered martial arts and bodybuilding. So, here are some reasons why women can take up football.


It Involves Rigorous Physical Activity

Playing football for fitness is fun too. Sports involve physical movements.

Physical activity is beneficial for the mind too. A survey on women claims that women who are into sports like football tend to develop learning skills better than others.


It Helps Stay In Shape

Football is no joke. It involves running in the field, hitting the ball, dodging the opponents and hitting the goal. All this is rigorous physical activity and also some mental activity. So, basically football is a good way to stay in shape. You don't need any other exercise, if you enjoy football.

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Balance And Co-Ordination Skills

The body has its own way of balancing itself during motion. And sports like football sharpen your balancing and co-ordination skills making your body much more efficient physically.


Legs And Butt Get Toned

Football is a terrific exercise for your lower body. If you wish to maintain shapely legs without unwanted fat, then football is a good idea.

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Makes You An Achiever

A recent survey conducted by sports foundation of women claims that almost 75% of the senior executives (women) in corporate companies are people involved in sports like football. So, women soccer players can be better achievers in their careers too.


Releases Endorphins

Like any other physical activity, even playing football for more than 40 minutes can make you feel euphoric as it releases endorphins.

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Develops Self Esteem

People who are into sports naturally develop self-esteem and management skills. Football involves carefully observing the ball and using strategies to take it till the goal post using physical strengths.

Your management skills and goal reaching behaviour come into play when you are in the football ground. So enjoy the game!

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