Nutritionist-approved Ways To Speed Up Metabolism & Lose Weight

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Do you wish to boost your body's calorie burn even when you're at rest? All that you need to do is to give a jump-start to your metabolism.

This article presents you with some of the best methods to speed up your metabolism naturally. The tips that we have given here are very simple and will definitely help you lose those unwanted pounds.

Drinking a glass of water, first thing in the morning, is also known to kick-start your metabolic activity for the day. Or drinking other liquids like mandarin, watermelon and cucumber juice also counts.

You can actually trick your body into burning more calories by simply following these methods to speed up metabolism naturally.

Metabolism can lower down with age and this can infact be reversed. Further, if you are hell-bent on losing some weight, then this article will let you know how to increase your metabolism without any exercise.

The methods given here are nutritionist approved and following this are known to give you some seriously positive results.

So, continue reading this article to know all about the top methods to speed up your metabolism naturally.


1. Never Skip Breakfast:

Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, in order to fuel your metabolism. Make sure to get enough protein, at least 20 grams of it. You can also include dairy, whole grains, nuts, seeds and veggies.

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2. Nosh Throughout The Day:

Boosting the metabolism doesn't just involve changing what you eat, but also how and when you eat. Consuming several smaller meals instead of three large heavy meals will keep your metabolism and energy levels consistent throughout the day.


3. Eat Foods High In B Vitamins:

The body needs help in converting carbs, protein and fats from the food into energy. Thus, eating foods high in B vitamins will facilitate this process. This is one of the top methods to speed up your metabolism naturally.

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4. Increase Lean Muscle Mass Buildup:

Muscles play a key role in metabolism. Engaging in aerobic exercises like walking, swimming or cycling can decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass and hence help rev up metabolism.


5. Lift Weights:

Incorporating light weight-lifting into your fitness routine will help build muscle strength and hence boost metabolism. This will let you know how to speed up metabolism better to lose weight.


6. Avoid Following Rapid Weight Loss Methods:

For optimum results, do not try to lose too much of weight. This causes the body to drop its metabolic rate in your attempt and hence you'll end up gaining weight.


7. Remember PF3:

Including PF3 (protein, fat, fibre and fluid) in all of your meals is necessary, as it helps keep you satisfied and stabilizes your blood sugar levels in the body.


8. Don't Skip Your Sleep:

If you don't get enough sleep, your metabolism will be hit. Lack of sleep will affect the body's ability to burn calories. This will let you know how to increase metabolism without an exercise.


9. Snack Smart:

If you don't eat enough throughout the day, your metabolism may drop. Snacking is a great way to fuel your energy and you must go for foods and snacks that are nutritious and healthy. This is one of the top tips to increase metabolism.

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10. Sip Green Tea:

Green tea is full of antioxidants and healthy phytochemicals that also helps in boosting your metabolism. Replacing your regular cup of tea with green tea will help in burning a few extra calories and speed up metabolism.

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