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The Easiest Way To Prevent Osteoporosis


When your bones become weak, even sitting straight becomes impossible. When osteoporosis hits, even simple acts like sitting, standing and walking start becoming tough.

Estimates suggest that more than 10% of the people above the age of 50 tend to suffer osteoporosis. Is it inevitable to suffer? No, you can prevent it by taking care of diet and activity levels.

Foods You Must Avoid To Prevent The Risk Of Osteoporosis

Do you know how the bones and the bone cage work? Well, they tend to adjust themselves depending upon your activity levels and diet. Yes, they remodel themselves. After a particular age, your bone mass starts declining.

Also, remove the risk factors like smoking, drinking alcohol and staying inactive. Here are some more facts that help in preventing osteoporosis.


What A New Study Says

A new study claims that doing one or two minutes of exercise on a daily basis can do a lot of good to your bones. This will also minimise the chances of bone fractures during old age.


How Much Of Activity Can Help

Researchers claim that even short bursts of intense activity also helps. Even running for 2 minutes every day also helps. Even a slow jog can also help improve your bone health.

Top Foods That Prevent Osteoporosis Risk


How Much Of Risk Can Be Reduced?

The study reveals that women who do 120 seconds of intense weight bearing activity everyday will enjoy 4% better bone health than the rest. Yes, bone health gets improved with high intensity weight bearing exercise.


The Link Between Activity And Bone Health

Researchers studied the data of nearly 2500 women. They first checked their bone health and then examined their activity levels and then came to a conclusion that both activity and bone health are linked.

Natural Methods To Prevent Osteoporosis As You Age


What If You Do More Than 2 Minutes?

This study also proved that more than 2 minutes of intense activity could improve the bone health by 6%.


Short Workouts Vs. Long Workouts

Also, researchers say that short but intense workouts are better for the bone health compared to long and continuous activity.



Maintaining bone health greatly reduces the risk of suffering osteoporosis and fractures during old age.

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