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Is Paleo Diet Really Effective ? Find Out What Happens Once You Stop This Diet

The paleo diet is also known as the caveman's diet. This diet is based on the belief that eating like our prehistoric ancestors will help us shed pounds effectively.

The concept of paleo diet is that humans have evolved on a diet that was different from earlier eating habits.

How effective is paleo diet

Though fast weight loss is guaranteed if you follow the paleo diet, doctors and health experts believe that it is not great for your health.

In the short term, sticking on to paleo diet actually increases the chances of diarrhoea, increases fatigue and also affects the quality of your sleep.

Paleo Diet Is Not A Long-Term Solution For Weight Loss:

According to Dr. Manjari Chandra, Senior Consultant Nutritionist, Max Healthcare, paleo diet is not a long-term solution for health or weight loss. She says this is only a short-term measure to cut off a certain amount of weight.

Heavy Load On The Kidneys Due To High Protein Intake:

This diet is not guaranteed to keep one healthy for a long time. Cutting off certain kinds of foods from the diet and not making up for the lost nutrients can have a serious impact on the body's internal organs as well as metabolic functioning.

"Paleo diet means eating more of only protein based foods. This can increase the load of the kidneys and processing them would be a very tough job," she says.

Loss Of Micronutrient Intake:

Eating a restricted diet without a wide variety of foods will also affect your nutrient profile.

She further explains, "Only eating certain kinds of food and ignoring the rest will reduce the micronutrient profile that you get. This a characteristic of a paleo diet."

Talking about the disadvantages and side effects of paleo diet, Dr. Manjari informed that long-term organ degeneration, lack of micronutrients intake and absorption, due to eating only a certain type of food, are the main side effects of paleo diet.

What Happens Once You Stop Paleo Diet?

Have you ever thought of what happens to your body, once you discontinue this diet? Yes, you need to be prepared to digest this information as this is an inevitable part of any kind of diet that you follow.

Dr. Manjari also stressed on the fact that weight loss with diet is achievable but the lost weight will come back, once the diet is stopped.

"You can't be on a paleo diet all your life. You can do it for sometime and the minute you stop doing it, whatever you lost will come back. This is only a short-term solution that will only last as long as you follow it", she concluded.

With Inputs FromDr Manjari Chandra

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