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How To Walk Right To Lose Weight


Walking is the most natural exercise human beings can do. It is the most effortless and inexpensive way to lose weight. But walking the right way matters a lot if you have to burn more fat.

The whole point of any exercise is to engage all your muscles in a way that favours fat burning well. Walking is an overall body workout.

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If done properly, it can engage almost all muscles and help you burn fat faster. There are some tips on how to walk to lose weight.


Tip #1

When you walk, your heel needs to reach the ground and then your toe should follow. This kind of motion promotes the stretching of the achilles tendon which is a fiberous tissue present in your heels.


Tip #2

Your strides are to be short if you wish to burn more calories. Short and fast strides are comparatively better than slow long strides.

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Tip #3

Though most of us underestimate the role of shoes in walking, it is a fact that the right shoes which are designed to offer proper support to your ankles and sole promote the ideal motion while offering protection from injuries.


Tip #4

If possible carry weights. Light weight dumbells would do. They make the workout harder and burn more calories.

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Tip #5

Walking fast is beneficial. Even if you cover a small distance, walking fast will burn more calories as it exerts the body more.


Tip #6

Keep varying the pace to exert your body more. Find ways to challenge your body by walking slow for a minute and walking fast for a minute.


Tip #7

Don't keep your hands idle. Swing them back and forth by folding them a bit to engage more muscles in your body and thereby burn more calories.


Tip #8

If there is a hill near by, walk uphill as it challenges you more and burns more calories. Find new ways of challenging your body through walking.

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Tip #9

Don't bend, as your back needs to be straight when you walk. Your body will need to burn more calories when you keep your back straight while walking.

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Tip #10

Drink green tea after coming home. It can help you recover fast after the walk.

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