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Overeating Kills Libido! What To Do?

If you overeat, will your libido get suppressed? Yes, says a study. Unwanted weight is linked to sexual failure, reproductive issues and insulin resistance too. Calorie overload can spoil bed life!

Insulin sensitivity plays a role in potency and testosterone levels. As a person gets heavier, the risk of developing libidinal issues and insulin resistance increases.

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Even premature ageing occurs due to obesity. Some women reach menopause much before middle age. Men lose sperm count and the quality of erections due to over eating. Read on to know more...


Fact #1

An animal study states that nutritional stress has some favourable effects. Calorie restriction is said to slow down ageing process and also prevent many health issues.


Fact #2

Some studies also say that intermittent fasting prolongs life span and also gives a boost to sex drive. So, nutritional stress is beneficial.

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Fact #3

How to benefit from this study? Maybe, we can reduce the overall food intake. We can also reduce the eating frequency.


Fact #4

What happens if you reduce quantity of intake and number of meals per day? Well, increasing the fasting period during the day signals the body to live longer and stay leaner.

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Fact #5

Generally, intermittent fasting involves eating all meals during the period of 1pm to 7pm. The rest of the day is spent either fasting or eating a small fruit snack to control hunger. (Don't try such methods without asking the doctor!)


Fact #6

Intermittent fasting is said to burn fat and also down ageing. The gap between two meals should be higher to nutritional stress. Or else, the day should be divided into fasting period and feasting period.


Fact #7

Calorie restriction is said to slow down ageing. Also, nutrients like curcumin, resveratrol are said to have anti-ageing, anti-diabetic and anti-obesity effect. (Turmeric contains curcumin and grapes contain resveratrol. Include them in your diet).

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Fact #8

Do you want to feel young and postpone age-related sexual failure? For that, researchers recommend low-glycemic diet, intermittent fasting, active lifestyle and certain nutrients like curcumin in your diet.