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Ghee Can Actually Help You Lose Weight! Find Out How, Today!

By Chandana Rao

If you are someone who has embarked on the path to lose weight and get fitter, then surely, there would be certain types of foods you would be avoiding, right?
Well, as many nutritionists and doctors opine, diet plays a key role when it comes to weight management, be it losing or gaining weight.

It is a fact because, the food that we eat breaks down into fat cells and gets stored in our body, so if the number of fat cells accumulated in our body is more, then it leads to overweight issues or obesity.

When a person's BMI (Body Mass Index) levels are more than normal, then it is said that he/she is overweight or obese.

Being overweight or obese can lower a person's confidence levels significantly and cause self-esteem issues which could graduate into depression eventually.

Apart from that, excess body fat can also give rise to a number of other health issues such as joint pain, fatigue, digestive problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, liver diseases, etc.

So, being overweight or obese is indeed a very serious health problem and one must do everything they can to maintain a healthy body weight.

So, naturally, when people are trying to lose weight, they cut out foods which are deemed as "fattening" from their diet.

Junk foods, fried foods, white bread, white rice, certain vegetables like potato, etc., are some of the foods that people try to stay away from while losing weight.

Now, many people also avoid ghee while trying to lose weight because they feel that it contains a high amount of fat and is loaded with calories.
However, a recent research study has claimed that adding a small amount of ghee to your daily meals can actually quicken your weight loss process.

Find out how, here.

How Ghee Aids Quicker Weight Loss

Ghee is a popular milk product, especially in India, which is used to prepare a number of delicacies and sweets.

Most of the festive Indian dishes and sweets have ghee added to them to enhance the taste, richness and flavour.
In many households, ghee is also added to daily meals, on top of the rice or parathas, as a traditional gesture.

However, with the advent of modern ways, that tradition is not followed much anymore, especially by people who want to keep fit or lose weight, because they believe that ghee is fattening.

Now, a recent research study has claimed that ghee, when consumed in small quantities and on its own (plain ghee and not in the form of sweets), can actually help quicken the weight loss process.

While consuming sweets and other high-calorie foods made from ghee, it can cause weight gain. However, adding just a teaspoon of pure ghee to your daily meals can boost your metabolism.

Ghee contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids that help improve your metabolic rate, thus helping the fat cells to burn faster.

So, adding a teaspoon of pure ghee to your meals can aid faster weight loss and it can also have other health benefits like improving your memory and immunity!

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