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Foods You Need To Stop Eating Before Your Workout!

You very well know that you need food to fuel your body and your fitness level. But what works best for you and your workout definitely can vary.

Similarly, there are certain foods that you need to totally avoid, as these can ruin your workout session.

When you eat some kind of foods before a workout, it is guaranteed to have bad effects on your body.

It can lead to problems such as stomach pain, muscle cramps and lethargy.

 foods that will ruin your workout

Working out is definitely a big challenge for your nervous system and hence you need to give your body some time to respond to it.

When you eat something before a workout, you're giving your body to decide between an internal process and an external process.

The internal process is all about processing the food and the external process converts the food into energy.

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There is no way you can stop the digestion process, as it is a natural process. Hence, you need to be aware of the kinds of foods that you eat before going for a workout, as these foods should not upset your stomach or hurt your performance in any way.

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Here, we have compiled a list of the foods that can ruin your workout session. Read to know more about these foods to avoid when working out.

1. Flax Seeds:

Though they are known to be great for the body, these can affect your workout performance by causing flatulence or bloating. Hence, it is recommended to avoid these before your workout session

2. Gel Packs:

Some people think that energy gels are a great way to prep up your performance. But these contain sugars that can disrupt the insulin levels and lead to binge-eating during the later part of the day.

3. Hummus:

Before a workout, it is recommended to stay away from hummus. This is a bean-based food that is high in indigestible carbohydrates and hence can cause gas and bloating.

4. Dairy Products:

Consuming milk before a workout can actually slow you down. This is best preferred after an exercise. You can also experience excessive burping if you have milk before a workout. This is one of the foods that can ruin your workout performance for sure.

5. Flavoured Water:

Flavoured water is full of sugar; and hence it is a strict No-No to consume this before a workout. This is an artificially sweetened beverage that can disrupt the beneficial bacteria in the gut and also affect digestion.

6. High Sodium Or Roasted Foods:

Roasted nuts and other foods are salty and salt can disrupt the delicate fluid balance that is necessary for workout. You must make sure to avoid sodium-rich foods or roasted foods at any cost, before a workout.

7. Green Bananas:

Bananas are definitely a great pre-workout snack but you need to go for the ripe ones than the unripe ones. This is because green bananas are still in their starch-producing stage and hence are more difficult to digest. This can be categorized as a bad food to be had before a workout.

8. Hard Boiled Eggs:

Hard boiled eggs are definitely a great source of lean protein but they do not provide enough carbohydrate for energy. Further, the protein stays in the stomach and can take a long time to be digested. This can weigh you down during your workout session.

9. Protein Bar:

Many protein bars nowadays are no better than a candy bar. If your bar has more than 200 calories and too little protein, then it can hamper with your workout goals. This is one of the foods to avoid for working out.

10. Coffee Drinks:

You need to skip drinking coffee within a few hours of commencing your workout. These contain excess sugar and calories that do not help with your workout. They can provide those calories but do not keep you feeling full.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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