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10 Foods That Help Curb Your Appetite & Make You Lose Weight

Keeping a balance between your wish to stay fit and your craving for food is quite difficult!! This will be the most difficult challenge to accept, especially for food lovers. To reduce weight, people are ready to go to any extent from following strict diet patterns to medications.

The best ever solution for this problem is to opt for foods that can satisfy your craving without increasing your weight.

Foods to lose weight can be called superfoods, as they are nutritional power houses. All these are easily available and inexpensive too. Different foods have different metabolic speed and it affects the hormones that regulate hunger.

It will be a good option to go for foods that are rich in fibre to make yourself feel full for a longer period of time. This will curb your hunger and thereby help to reduce weight. So you need to know about the foods to lose weight and curb your hunger.

Dieting doesn't mean that you have to stay hungry. By selecting the right food, you can stay fit without compromising on your love for food. The only thing is that you have to opt for healthy food. Here is the list of some of the foods that help curb your appetite and make you lose weight.


1. Eggs:

Whole eggs are now becoming more popular, as they increase satiety and curb the appetite. As eggs reach you with high proteins and healthy fats, they will help you to stay healthy without making you gain weight.


2. Boiled Potatoes:

By consuming boiled potatoes, you will naturally feel full in the satiety index. This is the highest scored food. Do you know that humans can survive with only potatoes for many days? Boiled potatoes are also rich in resistant starch that helps in reducing weight.


3. Nuts:

Yes, nuts are known for their healthy fat content. Many studies have revealed that nuts improve metabolic health and thus help in weight loss. It is an amazing snack that comes with protein, fibre and healthy fats in a balanced ratio.


4. Apples:

Apples are the most commonly used fruits by those who are aiming at weight loss. The reason behind this is the antioxidant pectin that helps in improving digestion. Include apple in your daily diet and avail its health benefits.


5. Dark Chocolate:

People who eat dark chocolates tend to produce less of the hunger hormone. Its flavour also helps in reducing the appetite and so you eat less. Dark chocolate is always in the top list of foods that curb hunger without making you gain weight.


6. Salmon:

Hey, non veggies out there, don't worry! You too have foods that you can make use of to lose weight. One among such food is salmon that carries high quality protein, healthy fat and omega-3 fatty acids that keep your heart healthy.


7. Vegetable Juice:

Vegetable juices are good for your health. But have you heard that it keeps your hunger away? Vegetable juice is loaded with several vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that help to curb appetite and lose weight.


8. Pickles:

Yummy, delicious pickles are always kept aside on the table being scared of their side effects on health. But now, in recent studies, it is found that one jar of organic pickle contains less than 100 calories. This keeps you full throughout and thus you can lose weight.


9. Soups:

Soups are always good options to make you feel full. This will curb your hunger and you can lose weight effectively. It will provide you with enough energy throughout the day. It is a better option to go for liquid forms than solid foods to curb your hunger.


10. Cottage Cheese:

Dairy products, especially cottage cheese, are high in protein and less in carbohydrate and fat. By eating cottage cheese, you can boost your protein and calcium intake. This will help to curb your hunger and appetite to help you lose weight.

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