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Fat Free Foods You Can Consume Before A Workout For Energy And Stamina

By Sravia Sivaram

If you want to get most out of your weight loss and workout sessions, then you need to eat right. Only then will your body be provided with enough energy.

The right kind of pre-workout foods will provide your body with enough energy to burn calories as well. You need a different kind of energy if you're going to pump up your body.

Eating sugary foods and fatty ones before a workout won't help you reap from the benefits of your exercise.

Further, if you eat too much, you'll end up feeling bloated and you'll not get the correct result. It is essential to find the right kind of balance of nutrition and exercises for burning fat.

You need to be sure to eat a heavier meal around three to four hours before a workout. Giving at least two-three hours will help your food to be digested and be absorbed from your GI tract into your blood.

Depending on the type of your workout, you need to fuel up your body. You must not stuff yourself with all kinds of food. Hit on the right kind of food and eat the right portion and that is all you need.

14 Healthy Foods That You Can Eat Without Guilt & Still Not Gain Weight

In this article, we have mentioned to you some of the best foods to be eaten before a workout. Read on to find out about the top pre-workout foods.


1. Bananas:

Bananas are high in carbs and provide you with loads of energy. It fuels up your body and its potassium content helps in maintaining muscle and nerve function.


2. Oats:

Oats are incredibly high in fibre and also aid with the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. It also helps in providing a sustainable source of energy for the entire day.


3. Caffeine:

Caffeine helps in providing the right kind of fuel to people who consume it before a workout. It also helps with effective fat burning.


4. Fruit Smoothies:

Fruit smoothies are a wonderful pick before a workout. These contain a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates that can do miracles to your body before a workout. This is one of the top foods to be eaten before a workout.


5. Chickpeas:

This is an ideal snack that you can go for. It contains an ideal combination of protein and carbs and just a quarter of this cup will provide you with enough energy for the rest of the day. It contains 30 grams of carbs, 10 grams of protein and 9 grams of fibre that can provide you with enough amount of nutrients.


6. Eggs:

Egg white can provide you with plenty of protein and is also a great source of energy. Eggs can be a wholesome food to be eaten at the beginning of the day. This is one of the top pre-workout foods.


7. Dried Fruit:

This provides you with simple carbs and can supply you with instant energy. It also gives you enough fueling to perform your workouts with increased stamina.


8. Chicken Breast And Brown Rice:

For an evening workout, it is advised to include these in your diet. A good carb source like brown rice, sweet potato or quinoa works wonders. Protein source like chicken will provide the right degree of fuel to your body.


9. Whole Grains:

Whole grains provide plenty of energy to the body for your workouts. These are packed with fibre and also help with the slow release of energy into the body that can last for the entire duration of the workout.


10. Cottage Cheese:

Cottage cheese is an incredible source of protein with minimal amount of sugar. It provides enough energy during heavy workouts.


11. Apple Wedges And Peanut Butter:

Sliced apple wedges with a small spread of peanut butter is considered as a best food to opt for 30 minutes before workout. These provide you with enough energy to sustain your grueling workout session. This is one of the best pre-workout foods for energy.


12. Homemade Protein Bars:

These are perfect and quick on-the-go workout foods. You can control what goes into your bar and take care of the right amount of carbohydrate and protein in it.

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