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    10 Best Exercises To Tone Your Buttocks And Thighs

    By Ipsasweta
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    exercises to tone your buttocks and thighs

    Who doesn't want the perfect hour-glass figure? But everyone is so busy leading their hectic lifestyles that they barely have any time left to eat the right kind of food or hit the gym to get the desired body.

    But many women are not aware of simple yet very effective home exercises that are bound to tone your buttock and thigh regions and give you a tight pair of legs that you have always dreamt of!

    Now, you could attain a curvy body by following these few simple home exercises that are very effective for toning the muscles in the buttock region.


    #1 Side Lunges

    This type of lunges specially target your inner core muscles of the thighs and hips. The whole lower body is targeted and it puts less impact on the knees.

    • Stand straight with your feet and knees together.
    • Hold a pair of dumbbells if it is comfortable or else just chuck it.
    • Take a huge step either towards your right or left.
    • Push your body slightly in that direction and come back to the straight position again.
    • Repeat it on either sides and do three sets of 10 each.
    • Repeat this 3 times in a day for best results.

    Remember to not bend you knees too much and keep your back straight.

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    #2 Dumbbell Squats

    Squats are known to be the most effective exercises for toning your thighs and hips. They target the inner and outer hips and give you a firm shape and also promote muscle growth.

    • Stand straight holding a pair of dumbbells in each hand.
    • Tighten your abs and push your hip back, as if you are going to sit on a chair
    • Hold on there for a few seconds.
    • Then, push your body back to the starting position again.
    • Repeat this 10-15 times.
    • Do around 3 to 5 sets daily to see the best results.

    Remember to keep your abs tight and spine straight or you might damage your posture.


    #3 Step-Ups

    This is a very simple exercise that tones and shapes your thighs and buttocks. It is very beneficial for developing muscles in your lower body, including the butt muscles. Apart from that, it also tones your calf muscles.

    • Stand in front of a bench or stairs.
    • Exhale and put out one leg on the bench or stairs and use that pressure to push your body up to the stairs.
    • The other leg should be picked up by the force.
    • Inhale and put the feet back to return to the starting position.
    • Do 5-10 rounds of this exercise and see the wonderful results.

    Remember to make the workout more effective, hold some weights in either hands.


    #4 Basic Donkey Kicks

    As the name itself suggests, these kicks involve kicking like a donkey and it is a very effective form of exercise to strengthen the gluteus muscles.

    • Get down on your hands and knees, almost in a crawling position.
    • Position your hand below your shoulders
      Lift one leg up keeping your whole body still and stable.
    • Stretch as much as you can, as it strengthens the core muscles.
    • Return to the starting position.
    • Do this at least 8 times with each leg.

    #5 Butt Lift (Bridge)

    As the name suggests, you have to create a sort of bridge with your body by lifting it up. This helps to strengthen your back muscles as well as provide a firm shape to the buttocks.

    • Lie down on your back.
    • Keep your hands right next to your knees.
    • Apply pressure on the hips to lift your body up, so that a hollow is formed beneath.
    • Hold there for a while before returning to the initial position.

    Repeat this 8-10 times for best results.


    #6 Chair Pose

    This sure sounds like a painful one but if there's no pain, there's no gain, right? In this exercise, you sit in a chair, but without a real one. It strengthens your core muscles and helps to give a firm shape to your thighs and buttocks.

    • Stand straight up with your feet closed together.
    • Join your palms and lift them with your hands up.
    • Bend your knees and bring your entire body down with the help of your heels.
    • Hold in that position for about a few seconds.
    • Resume back to the initial position.
    • Do this at least twice a day for best results.

    A Few Diet Tips For Getting A Toned Buttock And Hip!

    • Indulge in some high amount of proteins that are beneficial to tone your muscles. Some options include fish, poultry, lean and red meat, etc.
    • Enjoy a protein shake every day to ensure the proper muscle buildup.
    • Eat foods that are high in minerals and vitamins that help the body to digest proteins you consume.
    • Drink adequate amount of water and always ensure to keep your body hydrated at all times.

    Try these few exercises at home regularly and get the best results out of these in a few months' time!

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    Story first published: Friday, December 29, 2017, 22:00 [IST]
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