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What Is Runner's High? Does Running Give You A High?


Running is one of the easiest ways to stay fit. And the best part is you will get an incentive if you run regularly. Yes, you will experience a 'high' known as runner's high.

Runners enjoy a different kind of mental state after running for long distances. When researchers studied the brain chemistry of runners, they discovered several astonishing facts.

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Here are some of them. And yes, these facts might help you motivate yourself and take up running as your fitness activity.


Fact #1

The central nervous system releases a substance known as endorphins into your blood stream when you run for a particular period of time.


Fact #2

The job of endorphins is to mask the pain. Any intense physical activity causes pain to the muscles and endorphins try to inhibit those pain signals.

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Fact #3

Endurance runners experience a surge of endorphins that mask the pain and also cause a euphoric feeling. That euphoria is known as runner's high.


Fact #4

In fact, the purpose behind endorphins is to make you unaware of the pain caused during running. That is why you might not be aware of minor injuries that are caused during running.


Fact #5

Along with endorphins, another substance known as endocannabinoids is also released. This substance is the main cause of the runner's high.

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Fact #6

Researchers say that long distance running can create the same effect that is similar to the ‘high' one gets after smoking weed.


Fact #7

It isn't easy to experience runner's high. You need to run for more than 45 minutes to experience it. Also, your heart rate counts.


Fact #8

Nature gave this facility to help humans chase animals during hunting for food. In fact, any intense physical activity can release endorphins.

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Fact #9

Surprisingly, runners who stop running tend to also experience withdrawal symptoms! That is why you need to incorporate some or the other kind of physical activity in your life if you stop running.

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