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Benefits Of 30 Minutes Of Physical Exercise Every Day 

By Sripriya Satish

We all know about the benefits of physical exercise for our system. But do we know that short duration workouts every day which last for about 30 minutes can motivate and shoot our energy levels up to a large extent?

Given the lifestyle that we follow and the work stress, physical exercise has taken a back seat. This is one of the main reasons for increasing health problems among most working group of people.

Healthier lifestyles can be achieved only by regular workouts. Let us see how even short duration workouts can be highly beneficial.

Knowing the benefits can motivate us to regularly visit the gym for a short period or to briskly walk or jog for at least 30 minutes.

I am sure that out of 24 hours in a day we might spare at least half an hour of workout for our physical well being!


Boosts Energy:

Tired of doing all the work at home as well as the office? If your energy levels are low then a half an hour of physical exercise is all that is needed to energize yourself! Let us see how.

The necessary nutrients and oxygen your tissue needs is automatically restored thus shooting up your energy levels. Also, the necessary boost is given to the cardio vascular system to function properly.

So naturally, when the functions of the important organs of your body get energized, your overall well being also gets a boost.


Good For The Heart:

Worried about the various heart ailments and your abnormal levels of blood pressure? Physical exercise and that too for a short span of 30 minutes can combat all the heart related diseases. Impressive, isn't it?

The reason behind this is that as you become more active the good cholesterol that is the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels start increasing and the unhealthy triglycerides get automatically decreased.

Your heart will simply love the half an hour work out as the blood flows smoothly and the cardiovascular diseases are kept at bay.


Reduces Stress:

Are you worn out after a stressful day? Not to worry as a half an hour workout will come to your rescue! Physical exercise generally increases the level of brain chemicals like the norepinephrine which helps to control and deal with stressful situations. As a result of the increase in the levels of brain chemicals, mental tensions take a setback.


Improves Memory:

Memory and physical exercise are interrelated. The more you exercise the more is the production of the cells in that part of the brain called the hippocampus which controls thinking and the retention of memory as well as learning. In other words the size of the hippocampus changes in such a way that the memory and thinking skills stay intact.


Weight Loss:

For those struggling to lose weight it would indeed be delightful to hear that a short span of physical exercise can go a long way in reaching their weight loss goals. Let us see how.

A short span of exercise can keep the energy levels intact thus keeping you more physically active throughout the day. This, when compared to those who do longer workouts can get their energy drained thus resulting in the consumption of more food. Thus studies show that in comparison to people who do longer workouts, those who do shorter ones can gain a lot of benefits with respect to their weight loss goals.


Maintains Blood Pressure Level:

Regular 30 minute physical exercise can go a long way in controlling blood pressure. Studies indicate that the chances of developing high BP can get reduced up to 29%. Doing workouts in our leisure time can easily avert the lifelong pills that are to be taken if we develop abnormal levels of BP.


Reduces Risk Of Diabetes:

Exercise helps in lowering the blood sugar levels thus making the work of the pancreas in our body much easier. As a result, the insulin production in our system is also well maintained and the risk of contracting type II diabetes gets lowered.

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