How Skipping Can Be Helpful For Women

By Chandreyee Sen

Skipping ropes has been an integral part for most of our childhood. It's not just a mere game which girls play; rather it has health benefits too.

It is one of the best exercises to keep your body fit and healthy. Remember those days when as a child you could finish a plate full of biriyani and still have no stubborn fat on your tummy?

Skipping has amazing health benefits, find out how | Boldsky

Well, the magic was done by the skipping rope. It helps the body to metabolize the calorie intake and keep you in shape.

skipping benefits

It's just a rope but has the potential to burn down more calories than a 45 minutes of running. Skipping rope keeps your body toned and muscles flexible.

You will not suffer from the out of the blue muscle cramps or back ache. Medical experts even claim that skipping can improve your heart rate. You can practice this either alone or with your friends.

Read below to find out the substantial benefits a skipping rope can offer.

Weight Loss:

Many of you are concerned about removing the extra fat from your tummy that bulges out while wearing your favourite dress. Well, skipping can be an affordable option for you. With our busy and hectic schedule, we often can't take out time for a workout in the gym. You can try skipping for half an hour and see the result yourself. It is one of the healthiest exercises that can burn around 300 calories, much more than running and jogging would do.

Good For The Brain:

You must be wondering how a simple rope can benefit your brain. We all know exercise helps to keep our brain more active. Maybe you will not understand this when you are running on a treadmill or lifting weights. But tasks that involve both physical and mental activity can be beneficial. Skipping is one of them.

Good For The Heart:

As stated earlier, skipping is beneficial for your heart. Our cardiovascular system involves the flow of blood in and out of the heart through veins and arteries. Skipping improves this cycle and relieves you from shortness of breath or loss of stamina. This exercise strengthens your heart, lungs and arteries to combat diseases like heart attack, strokes or diabetes.

Increases Stamina:

Jumping on a rope for long is not an easy task. One needs to acquire the potential, especially if you jump with one foot. Skipping regularly increases your stamina. It also improves your stamina to do other works as well.

Tones The Muscles:

Cramp in legs, swollen feet or tenderness is often the outcome of an inactive body. If you want to shape your body and at the same time tone it, then go for skipping everyday as no other exercise can be as straightforward and beneficial than this. Although in the beginning you can face sprain in your muscles, especially legs and thighs, it will heal with time and regular exercise. So continue skipping for at least 30 minutes a day.

Improves Flexibility:

Skipping regularly not only cuts down fat but also improves your body movements especially, footwork and balance. Your body becomes flexible, and you can walk down for miles or complete an adventurous trekking journey.

Improves Bone Density:

Do you feel only swallowing calcium tablets can improve your bone density? Well, it can, but exercises are a more natural way to improve your bone strength. Skipping helps to stimulate the bone and strengthens it. One benefit of skipping is that the pressure is on both legs unlike running. This helps in improving your bone density and helps you stay healthy.

Caution: But remember, though skipping has a lot of beneficiary factors it is harmful to women during their menstruation and pregnancy. During menstruation, the ligaments surrounding the uterus are weak as continuous blood flows through them.

So it is recommended to avoid skipping during that time as it can damage tissues. Similarly, when you are pregnant, it is advisable to opt for exercises that require minimal physical activity. Skipping can be strenuous and can harm your unborn child.

Apart from these if you have suffered from any injury in your leg or you are a patient of arthritis, then you should consult your doctor, as skipping can escalate your peril even more.

So before jumping on to burn calories go for a medical consultation.

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    Story first published: Monday, August 21, 2017, 15:44 [IST]
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