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10 Best & FREE Health Apps For Women: Download These Now!

By Chandana Rao

We have to admit, lately the world has been moving at such a rapid pace. Amidst busy work schedules, social calls, commuting long distances on a daily basis, etc, we hardly have time to stop for a minute and check on our health bit.

Most of us tend to take our health for granted, which is definitely not a good sign. It may be harder for women to constantly monitor their own health and fitness levels, especially if they are multitasking and trying to balance between work and family life.

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It is extremely important for women to have a healthy lifestyle, as they are more prone to many lifestyle-related disorders that occur with age. It is crucial to maintain a well balanced diet, optimum fitness levels and also to gain knowledge about their physiology and health.

So, on this special occasion of the World Health Day (April 7th), we present to you some of the best health Apps out there, which are beneficial for women. If you have no time to cook special meals for yourself or if you do not want to hire expensive personal trainers, then download these Apps and manage your health at your finger tips!


1. Period Tracker, My Calendar (Simple Design Ltd.)

This colourful App is highly recommended to all women who want to keep a track of their menstrual cycles. Based your moods, age, last period, etc, this App predicts the approximate date of your next cycle. In addition, Period Tracker is also very helpful to keep track of your ovulation/fertile period, especially for women who are trying to conceive and those who are on birth control measures.


2. 7 Minute Workout (Ego360)

If you cannot spend on a personal trainer, but want to get back in shape, then this is the perfect App for you. This acts as a virtual personal trainer and gives you a high-intensity, 7-minute daily workout plan to burn fat and tone specific areas of your body. It also includes healthy meal plans to help you in staying fit.


3. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking (Google Inc.)

This App, designed by google, allows you to keep a close track on all your physical activities and also your calorie intake on a daily basis, thus helping you keep fit. It records statistics on activities like running, walking, riding, etc, through your phone or the Android Wear Watch, helping you to stay aware of the calories that are burnt during each activity.


4. Pedometer (tayutau)

The Pedometer App is apt for every woman who wants to keep fit. It comes with a special feature that records the number of steps you have walked in a day and calculates the number of calories burned. So, in a way, this App encourages you to walk and perform an increased level of physical activity.


5. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (MyFitnessPal, Inc.)

Here is one of the best Apps for every calorie-conscious woman out there! Apart from being fast and easy to use, this App also has the caloric information about 6 million food items in its database! The Calorie Counter helps you to maintain an ideal weight by suggesting custom-made diets that are suited for your needs.


6. Runtastic Running GPS Tracker (Runtastic)

This is another fitness App that acts as a tracking device for all your physical activities such as running, cycling, walking, etc, using the GPS on your phone. It also helps you set fitness goals and monitors your progress by recording statistics such as distance, time, speed, calories burned, heart rate and much more.


7. Lose It! (FitNow, Inc.)

Here is yet another App for all the ladies who're struggling to reduce their weight. This App creates a custom-made diet and weight loss plan for you, based on your weight loss goals. It also keeps a track of your daily diet and exercise routine and includes a calorie counter and recipe-builder.


8. Simple Yoga FREE (Daily Workout Apps, LLC)

If you have no time to go to yoga classes, then just install this App and get a virtual yoga trainer for free! This App comes with video and audio instructions, given by a certified yoga trainer, which helps you learn different yoga asanas with ease.


9. Daily Workouts FREE (Daily Workout Apps, LLC)

This is yet another virtual training App that is designed to help you achieve your daily fitness goals. Designed with over 95 full-body workouts, which are developed by a certified personal trainer, this App also has a video instruction that helps you to get the exercises right. The exercise routine ranges from 5-30 minutes per day and you do not require internet to use this App!


10. Nike+ Training Club (Nike, Inc.)

Designed by Nike Master Trainers, this App also acts as an effective virtual personal trainer that aims at keeping you fit and healthy. Including over 100 workout routines, this App provides great motivation from Nike pro athletes and trainers. It also allows you to add friends and take photos of your workouts or exercises for that extra encouragement!

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