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Marjaryasana Or Cat Pose For Back Pain

By: Mona Verma

Marjaryasana, also known as Cat Pose in Yoga is done to improve the flexibility of the spine. It is called so because a cat is considered to be one of the most active animals with a highly flexible spine amongst the animals.

If you're troubled by a constant backache that you suffer from, this is the asana you should practice daily and look up to.


Marjaryasana Or Cat Pose For Back Pain

The Cat pose Asana can relieve the built-in stress and tension from the back, spine and neck. It stretches the back, giving your spine a good relief from the never-ending pain.

Following are the ways to perform this asana, have a look.

Marjaryasana Or Cat Pose For Back Pain

1. Kneel down on the floor by leaning forward and put both your palms on the floor, looking straight.

2. Make sure your palms are at the shoulder length and legs are slightly apart.

3. Now, make a posture similar to a standing cat, i.e., your trunk should be parallel to the floor, thighs should be straight and vertical, creating a balance on your lower leg and feet.


Marjaryasana Or Cat Pose For Back Pain

4. Just relax your body completely and maintain this base position. Just don't put any stress on your knees and feet, and ensure that your shoulder as well as your back muscles are in a relaxed position.

5. Just exhale calmly and feel your belly going inwards. Simultaneously, move your head inwards, and it should be in between your shoulders. By doing all this, your back will be bent and will arch towards the sky.

6. Its turn to inhale now; just arch your back in the opposite direction. You will feel your spine being slightly bent towards the floor. Your shoulders, neck and head should be backwards, in the way that you are looking towards the sky.


Marjaryasana Or Cat Pose For Back Pain

7. Just repeat the entire steps as many times as your body allows, at least for 20 minutes in a day, if not more.

Just remember that all yoga asanas should be followed calmly and patiently, only then will you get the effective results.

Follow this asana with slow and deep breathing, and you can follow your neck, back and shoulders being nicely stretched. Gradually, you will find the stiffness being withered away, and your back muscles and spine becoming more flexible.

Caution: If you have undergone any kind of a surgery or have serious spondylitis, kindly consult your doctor before starting up with any of the asanas.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 13:45 [IST]
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