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Here's How To Check Your Fitness Levels


Are you wondering how fit you are? If you have been planning to hit the gym since long and haven't implemented the idea till now, then you must surely check your fitness levels.

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Depending upon your age and your activity levels, your fitness levels vary. If you are someone who tends to stay active throughout the day, your fitness levels surely tend be excellent but if you are in a sedentary job then you may fail to do well in the fitness tests.

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Here are a few ways to determine how fit you are. Try the below activities and gauge yourself so that you can work on your fitness levels if they are below average.


Tip #1

If you are able to tie your lace of your shoe without sitting on a chair or without bending your knees then your overall fitness levels are fine and your belly fat is low. But if you are not even able to bend enough to reach your shoe then you may need to workout more.


Tip #2

Try to run up the stairs in your office instead of taking the lift. If you feel very tired after reaching the top then your fitness levels are poor. Try climbing up 50 stairs in a single go and check your cardiovascular capacity.


Tip #3

If you can run a kilometer with 3 minutes, you don't need to worry about your fitness. But if you take more than 4 minutes to run a kilometer then your fitness levels are poor. This is a true test for your cardiovascular fitness.


Tip #4

If you are able to perform more than 50 reps of squats then your fitness levels are said to be good; anything less then 15 repetitions means that you need to work harder. This workout is a test to your core strength and strength of your legs.


Tip #5

If you can perform more than 13 pull ups then your fitness levels are okay but anything lesser than 3 pull ups could mean low fitness levels. This workout is a test to your arms and upper back.


Tip #6

If you are able to perform 50 push-ups, your fitness levels are said to be fine. If you fail to even cross 15 repetitions then you may need to think again. This workout tests the strength of your shoulders, chest and also your triceps.


Tip #7

Try the plank workout. If you are able to hold the position for more than a minute, your fitness levels are reasonably good but if you fail to cross 45 seconds then your fitness is poor. This workout tests your core strength.

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