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Health Benefits Of Riding A Cycle To Work

By Debdatta Mazumder

How do you reach office? Obviously, by bus or train or car, right? In today’s world, the most controversial topic of discussion is environmental pollution.

The carbon dioxide that is emitted from the cars makes it difficult to breathe and this further creates a lot of respiratory problems for the people. So, how about taking bicycles for going to office?

If the awareness can be spread among all the people, it will not be difficult to get a beautiful world that you can breathe easily in. Before discussing the health benefits of riding a cycle to work, you should understand this.

Now, what are the benefits of riding a cycle to work? In your busy schedule, you may not have the time to exercise regularly.

Moreover, bad food habits are always there, as you have fast and junk foods at lunch or sweetened beverages during coffee/tea breaks.

So, cycling is obviously a best way to exercise and be physically active. Now, if you take cycle to your office, you won’t need to spend extra hour for exercise. Isn’t it one of the best benefits of riding a cycle to work?

So, here are some of the health benefits of riding a cycle to work, which will make you realise why cycling is the best option for staying healthy. Read on to know more.


Good for Heart

You do lots of things to keep your heart at good condition. Why not include cycling to your list? Regular cycling keeps your heart fit and reduces the risk of coronary cardiovascular diseases.


For Perfect Waistline

Consider it among the most wonderful benefits of riding cycle to work. You must have tried so many methods to get the perfect waistline, but all in vain. Try cycling. Burning calories, especially when you speed the vehicle, is really very easy.


For Building Muscles

Health benefits of riding a cycle to work are numerous. To get well-toned body and muscle, cycling is must. By this you can get strong calves, well-built back and thighs. If you have joint injuries at hip or legs, cycling can help you to get rid of that pain.


Gives You Good Co-ordination

Your both feet moves simultaneously for paddling, while your hands move to steer the cycle properly. Also, you have to be alert while cycling. All your organs work in a co-ordination which enhances your co-coordinating skills.


Expands Your Life

What are other health benefits of riding a cycle to work? It is said that cycling is the process where you have lesser risks of getting injured and that is how it is related to expanding your lifespan. Start cycling from today to get long life.


For Improving Mental Health

Several medical researches have shown that, cycling also has positive effects on your mental health. Regular cycling is proved to decrease anxiety, stress and depression. Ride a cycle to your office to handle work stress. You can also take a ride anytime to get free air.


Good for Immunity

While talking about the health benefits of riding a cycle to work, how can this point be avoided? Riding cycle everyday is proved to keep the risks of certain types of cancers at bay by strengthening your immunity system.
These are some health benefits of cycling. Apart from these advantages, cycling gives you just fun to get free from all your tensions and ride with your friends like the old days.

Story first published: Sunday, March 13, 2016, 22:04 [IST]
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