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Fitness Benefits Of Bowling


Even bowling is a sport. In fact, it was played even during the ancient times especially in countries like Rome. Today, most of the people who are into sedentary jobs, choose this game as an option to maintain fitness.

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Generally, most of the fitness routines look like work and that's why we feel that its tough to stick to them in long run. But if your fitness activity looks like a game, there are more chances to stick to it, right?

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That is exactly how bowling works. Enjoy the game and burn some calories too. Here are its benefits.


Benefit #1

As bowling involves certain actions like swinging the ball and moving a lot, it is good for your muscles. All such actions tone and strengthen the muscles. Also, you tend to flex your muscles and stretch them too which is good.


Benefit #2

Sitting for too long could increase the risk of suffering heart issues while moving is good for your heart. Certain studies claim that even bowling can lower the risk of heart issues, diabetes and cholesterol issues. In fact, it also boosts blood circulation. But you need to play regularly, which means, at least twice a week in order to enjoy any of he benefits this activity offers.


Benefit #3

Another advantage is that this game makes your co-ordination skills better. Your focus gets enhanced and your motor skills get better.


Benefit #4

This game also lowers stress, allows you to socialise and makes you forget about your daily life issues for some time. This is one important health benefit.


Benefit #5

This game also burns some calories as you keep moving all the time. When your whole body keeps moving, it acts like a workout. In fact, every single game can burn approximately 150-300 calories depending upon your movements and intensity.


Benefit #6

Generally, many exercises need expert supervision and lots of other precautions to avoid injury. But bowling is a light activity which has lower risk. Almost people of all ages can enjoy it.


Benefit #7

Even body builders need to play a game like bowling at least once a week as agility and fitness levels get better when you perform actions like bending, jumping, crawling and twisting your body. This activity makes a stiff body a bit more flexible while being a recreational activity.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 6:14 [IST]
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