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Benefits Of Shadow Boxing


All of us perceive boxing or martial arts as tools to hit someone or defend ourselves but they are not just that; they are more than that.

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They can help you enhance your fitness levels and can also make you strong too. Most of the martial artists as well as boxers look strong and fit. A lot of exercises go into the process of making them look like that.

If you wish to know about one simple aspect out of their workout regimen which helps you maximise your fitness levels, then try shadow boxing.

It just means punching in the air imagining an opponent. You can look at your shadow and throw punches. It is safe because you are not fighting with anyone.

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There are so many benefits to it if you practice shadow boxing regularly. Let us discuss about those benefits.



This practice can help you get back to shape as it stimulates your whole body and every muscle. Doing it once a week vigorously can also do the trick. It tightens your body.


Balance and Coordination

When you move around and keep punching in the air imagining an opponent, you tend to improve your balancing skills and coordination skills.


Enhances Focus

Shadow boxing doesn't mean randomly throwing your hands in the air. It involves visualising someone who is hitting you. It involves dodging blows and hitting back the imaginary opponent. So, it enhances your focus.


Enhances Power

When you punch in the air, you must be able to put all your strength in it and deliver it. This enhances your power.


Engages Whole Body

Your arms, shoulders, chest, calves, legs and overall body gets worked up and this is good for your overall health and fitness.



This workout also enhances your endurance, strength and your reflex action. Your stamina will increase if you increase the duration and intensity of your shadow boxing sessions.



It is good for your heart as this workout works like a cardio activity. Keeping your body active is a good habit.


Weight Loss

As this activity burns a lot of calories, it can aid your weight loss goals too. An hour of this workout can easily burn somewhere around 400 cal.

Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2016, 8:17 [IST]
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