How Your Father's Diet Affects Your Health

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Health experts have concluded that a father's diet can influence the children's health. Maybe that is why they say that a father's diet before conception is important. The food eaten can genetically impact the health of the children.

Till now, scientists have focused more on researching about the effects of mother's diet on the children but finally they have realized that even the father's diet is important.

How Your Father's Diet Affects You-Father

This research was done on rats. Some rats were fed with lots of food and others were fed with optimum amounts. The baby rats of father rats which ate food in limited quantities weighed less and consumed less and displayed very negligible amounts of anxiety.

How Your Father's Diet Affects You- Diet

Health experts concluded that the offspring imitated the food habits of the father rat due to genetics. May be this is proof enough that the diet of a generation can even go to an extent of influencing the diet of another generation.

How Your Father's Diet Affects You- eating Child

Optimum consumption of food also made the rats adventurous (without anxiety) and active. So, this means that both mother and father should be careful with food habits, alcohol consumption and other lifestyle habits like smoking.

How Your Father's Diet Affects You- Plate

Smoking and drinking habits have become part of today's lifestyle and health experts are worried about this trend as such habits affect fertility rates. Now, this research has proved that such habits also affect the next generation's eating habits and mental health.

How Your Father's Diet Affects You- Kid

This study came as a surprise as scientists believed that a mother's diet affects the offspring but they never imagined that even the food habits of a father can affect the next generation. Therefore, it would be better to embrace healthy eating habits at least a year before conception.

May be such healthy habits can minimise certain health issues for the unborn child. Maybe, children born to healthy parents embrace healthy habits.

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Story first published: Friday, December 18, 2015, 8:00 [IST]
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