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12 Simple Tips For Diabetics This Summer

By Debdatta Mazumder

Summers are hard on everyone but if you need to take special care in summer. Today, lets check for easy ways to stay healthy during diabetics.

In tropical countries, summer stays almost for 4 months. The long hot summer days drench all your energy and make you exhausted. For patients of diabetes, this is the time that there problems increase.

Healthy Habits For Maintaining The Blood Sugar Level

Basically, if you are suffering from diabetes, your metabolic rate increases and you feel hungry and thirsty. So, it is very important to keep your body hydrated and provide suitable foods at certain gap & these are the ways to stay healthy for diabetics.

How to stay healthy in summer for diabetics? This article will answer all your questions. Still, if you have any confusion, consult your physician to take advises.

Juices To Lower High Blood Sugar

So, what are the correct ways for diabetics to stay healthy for diabetics in summer? So lets go through the following points.


Consume Enough Fruit

Diabetics sweat a lot. Your energy gets drained out and you become lethargic. Therefore, one of the most important ways to stay healthy for diabetics is the consumption of enough fruits. Eat melons, berries, peaches etc. and keep the water quotient normal.


Drink More

Drink healthy fluids as much as you can. You can also take tea as supplementary drink. But remember to take it without adding sugar. Green tea can be the best choice for diabetes patients.


Have Vitamins

Vitamin C and A help you to fight against diseases. So start eating green vegetables like squash, parable, beans to fight against the diseases.


Clean Yourself

Having a good diet is not the only way for diabetics to stay healthy . Sweating is a common problem that people with diabetes suffer from. So, clean yourself properly. Take bath two times a day. Use anti-bacterial soaps and powders to prevent any attack of bacteria.


Don’t Put On Too Much

Try to relax your body with light-weight garments. Wear cotton or linen to feel free and keep you dry. If you wear synthetic, the material won't soak your sweat and you can have skin rashes, itching etc. This is another way on how to stay healthy in summer for diabetics.


Avoid Alcohol

If you are a diabetic, it is highly recommended to avoid alcohol. Especially in summer you have to completely avoid it. Apart from alcohol, a diabetic should also avoid beverages with caffeine in order to be healthy.


Work Out At Open Place

Another helpful way to stay healthy for diabetics. Working out in a gym or any closed area creates excessive sweat. A diabetic should opt for swimming or running in an open environment. Yoga can also help you a lot to be healthy.


Another Food Tip

Maybe you are aware of all the ways to stay healthy if you are suffering from diabetes. But summer also brings some unavoidable parties. What to do then? Avoid desserts and fried foods. Instead of that you can take grilled foods. Instead of having mayo or cheese dips, try mustard sauce.


Foot Care

Foot Care

As diabetics are poor at glycaemic control, summer brings a lot of foot problems like attacks of bacteria and fungi. To avoid any kind of infections, clean your feet regularly with anti-septic lotions. Wear open sandals. If you have to wear closed shoes, prefer wearing cotton socks.


Avoid Cuts

Never go bare-footed. A simple cut can be dangerous for a diabetes patient. Try to be aware of not having any by covering your feet well. If you get any cuts, consult your doctor immediately.


Don’t Remain Hungry

Diabetics have a tendency to be hungry after small intervals. If you ignore your hunger, your sugar level can fall down drastically. So, try to have small meals in between the large ones. Some sugar-free snacks or fruits can go well in between your breakfast and lunch.


Check Regularly

Check your sugar level regularly. Never forget to take medicines at right time. If you see any ups and downs, consult your physician.

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