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10 Things To Do Before Workouts

By Pooja Kaushal

Exercise is a must to keep your body fit and mind alert. No matter what time of the year it is, exercise should never be missed. But how sensible is it go for a workout on a hot summer day? Definitely not a good idea!

So what does one do? When you have made up your mind to go for your workout sessions no matter what it would be wise to know the things to do before you exercise in summer.

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Each weather has its concerns and working-out especially in outdoors should be taken care of many pros & cons. Exercise is to keep the body healthy and to ensure that it is done in the right manner.

As summer needs to be given extra attention given the fact that heat can cause dehydration and sun-stroke. Acquaint yourself on how to exercise in heat conditions and have a healthy and safe workout.

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Summer time requires some precautions before a work out session. Keep them in mind and enjoy hot weather work out tips in our article today.



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! No matter how many times you say this word its importance does not go down one bit. Exercising in the heat means excessive sweating and loss of body fluids.

It is important to keep the body hydrated to facilitate this sweating. So once again this is one of the most important things to do before you exercise in summer.


Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Your clothes do matter a lot during exercising, especially in summer. Make sure to wear loose fitting clothes as this will enable your skin to breathe freely. This will help you sweat and dry off with ease.


Wear Light Colors And Cotton

As children we studied that dark colors absorb heat. It is time to apply this knowledge here and wear light colored clothes while exercising in summer. Also to be taken into consideration is the material.

Cotton is the best material when it comes to summer and hence should be the choice for exercise sessions as well.


Apply Sunscreen

This is not for cosmetic purpose. The heat from the sun can be bad enough to cause sunburns. Forget the tan as that is nothing but the burning of the skin. This can lead to several other consequences and hence applying a sunscreen is a must.


Carry Electrolytes

As you exercise you lose body fluids and salts. Carry your bottle of electrolytes with you. This could be a simple lemonade with a pinch of salt or a store bought energy drink. Whichever one you prefer, make sure to pack one for in-between sessions.


Know Your Limits

Not all of us have the same abilities and an important thing to do before you exercise in summer is to assess your limits. Do not go by what the other person says of does. You as an individual need to know your capabilities and stretch yourself only that much. This is not cowardice but commonsense.


Check Weather

Do make a point to check on the weather. Some days may be exceptionally hot. When you get to know of such possibilities it would be wiser to plan your workout accordingly. You could go for workouts that require less strain and sweating.


Eat In Advance

Food is important for survival. But when working out plan your meals such that you have completed eating at least an hour before you exercise. This especially holds good when you are exercising in the evening.


Switch Off Air Conditioner

You may have planned out how to exercise in hot & humid conditions. Your sessions may be well thought to suit the weather and your capabilities but you need to be well prepared. This involves moving out of an air conditioned area a little in advance. You need to do this to adjust the temperature of your body as per the weather conditions. Sudden changes may cause harm to your system.


Consult Your Physician

May not be very important for all but if you have been suffering from an illness or have just recovered from an ailment it would be a wise move. Depending upon your present health status your physician will help you out with things to do before you exercise in summer.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 17:02 [IST]