Exercise Tips To Lose Fat From Face

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Tired of looking into the mirror and seeing a fat face? Well, with these exercises, you can now remove the fat from your face in simple ways.. There are some people who have tried to lose fat from the face through means of yoga and liposuction too. The former will work but the process is slow and the latter will work too, but the end results are poor.

Face fat for some people are sometimes a pain. It could be the only reason for you to not get into those careers which requires you to have a slender look. Having a fat face, will also generate people talking about your lower body which is sleeker, thus making you look bad. To remove the fat from your face, there are simple face fat loss tips to follow. It also includes you working out with some of the best facial exercises to lose the face fat. However, these tips to lose fat from the face will hinder a lot of time, since the muscles in the face are not that strong when compared to the rest of your body in terms of weight loss.


Take a look at these exercise tips to lose fat from your face:


Facial Yoga

One of the best but slow process of reducing face fat is with the help of facial yoga. All you need to do is practice facial yoga for 10 minutes in a day to remove the fat from your face.


Facials Help Too

To remove the fat from face, go in for regular facials. The blood circulation in the facials and the stretches which are involved will help in face fat loss.


The Power Of X and O

Losing fat from your face is not at all easy. Start by repeating these two alphabets 'X' and 'O' for a period of 15 minutes. Take only 2 small breaks to help you in losing fat from the face.


Chewing Bubble Gum

Chewing bubble gum is one of the best face fat loss tips. Chewing on gum will help to exercise your jaws and thus reduce the fat.


Circling Your Tongue In Your Mouth

By circling your tongue in your mouth for 10 minutes a day will help to remove the fat from face. The exercise tips to lose fat from face will hurt initially, but will get rid of the ugly look in about 6 weeks.


Doing The Pout

The next time you pose for a picture with your buddy, give the pic a pout. Making this a habit will help to remove the fat from your face.


Smiling Reduces Face Fat

Smiling helps to reduce the face fat like no other. This is one of the best exercise tips to lose fat from your face. All you got to do is smile - simple, isn't it?


Blowing Out Air

Take in air from your nostrils and blow it out from your mouth. To remove the fat from your face, this exercise twice in the day should be practiced.


Help With The Bottom Lips

To remove fat from your face, try this weight loss tip. While you are working, bring your lower lip and clench it over the upper lip. Repeat this for 10 minutes through the day, on a daily basis.


Winking Your Eyes

Winking your eyes one by one is a good exercise to remove fat from your face. However, make sure that no one is around while you do it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 17, 2014, 22:19 [IST]
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