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Meditation Step By Step Guide

Life can be really challenging at times. The fast paced life and demands can lead to stress, make you tired and feel unhappy. In this hectic life, we all need to meditate regularly to overcome such problems. The benefits of meditating is well-known to people who do it regularly. There are many reasons for meditating. Few do it for knowing oneself better, while others do it for relaxation and improving concentration.

Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and lead a happy life. If you have lost faith in yourself, boost your self-esteem through meditation. You cannot just sit and meditate. You need to try the below steps to get the results of meditation. We are here to guide you step wise and help meditate.

Steps for meditation:

Meditation Step By Step Guide

Step 1- For meditation, you need to have an alert mind. So, quit all your bad habits like smoking, drinking and drugs. This helps meditate and improves concentration. You might not realise, but meditation can also help you overcome these addictions gradually.

Step 2- There should be no distraction when you are meditating. This is one of the steps beginners too must keep in mind. Meditation requires peace of mind. Set the perfect mood and environment by turning off the cell phone and anything that can distract you. Draw the curtains and have a calm and cosy ambiance.

Step 3- Choose a program. Most of the beginners can start with step for meditation. A meditating program can be played in the background. If you do not have any guidance, the program will help you meditate without any hassles.

Step 4- Sit straight on a yoga mat. Sit with your legs cross-legged on a cushion, and your back should be straight. Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed position where your hands are on the lap.

Step 5- Feel your body, from the head till the toe. You might get distracted with some thoughts but don't worry, these thoughts will go after sometime. Feel the breathe in and out and then slowly breathe deeply and exhale out completely. Be still and silent so that you can concentrate and feel yourself.

Step 6- Chant a mantra. 'Om' is the most commonly preferred mantra to meditate. It relaxes your mind, improves concentration, relieves stress and provides peace.

Step 7- When you start feeling lazy and sleepy, you can make out that it is time to end the practice. If you have played the program, you will be instructed when to come back to consciousness. Relax after getting back to the consciousness and deep breathe.

Try these steps to meditate and feel fresh.

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