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Walking For Weight Loss Is Different

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Most people start walking not for weight loss but for weight control. If you feel that you have really bloated up lately and need to stop putting on weight, then you start walking. Nobody expects to lose weight fast by just walking everyday. When they want some substantial weight loss, they go for more vigorous aerobic exercises like running, swimming etc.

On the whole, people choose walking as a exercise very casually. That is why they do not get enough weight loss by walking. However, a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day can burn upto to 150 calories a day. So you an lose upto 1 pound every week just by walking and controlling your diet!

Walking For Weight Loss

The catch here is that you have to take up walking as a exercise seriously. A stroll in the gardens is not going to make you slimmer. Here are certain rules that you must follow when you are walking for weight loss.

1. Walk Alone: You might have seen groups of girlfriends walking together in the morning. Their giggling is more of an exercise than walking! When you are walking for weight loss, then you must walk alone so that you can walk at your own pace.

2. Speed Up: Walking does not have to become trotting. But you need to push yourself that extra inch to walk faster. Moreover, you need not walk at break-neck speed constantly. You can slow down and pace up again during the course of your walk.

3. Choose Higher Terrains: Walking on a uphill terrain will put pressure on your lipid cells to burst. It will also tone up your calf muscles. So that makes walking a complete exercise where you not only lose weight but also shape up your muscles.

4. Walk Regularly: If you are walking to lose weight fast, then a walk by the moonlight once in a while will not help. You need to walk regularly and preferably at the same time. It should become a part of your routine. Regularity is important for any kind of exercise to show results.

5. Walk On The Beach: Walking may lead to weight loss initially. This is because your body is not used to any kind of exercise at all. But as your body gets used to walking, the weight loss will slow down. At this point you need to try out new and more difficult kinds of walking like walking on sand or in water.

6. Walking Diet: Lets face it, walking is not the most vigorous form of exercise. But if you can control your intake of calories, then it might help you. Follow a very lean diet when walking is your only form of exercise.

To sum it up, you cannot expect magical results from walking but it does help you get in shape. Have you lost weight by just walking?

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