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6 Concepts That Make Pilates Exercises Work!

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Pilates Exercises
There is a new buzz in town! Almost everyone is either doing or planning to do Pilates exercises. If this new trend to lose weight fast has taken you by surprise too then here is what we can do. Together, let us take a closer look at what Pilates is and how its aids weight loss.

What Is Pilates:

Pilates exercises are a part of a complete system of workout designed by Joseph Pilates. It was originally developed as a rehabilitation workout regime for injured soldiers of the Second World War. It is a novel concept that concentrates on quality rather than quantity of workout. While your gym instructor makes you continuously repeat moves like crunches or push ups, Pilates makes weight loss possible without repetition of moves. That's true, you need not repeat the same move again and again.

Core Concepts Of Pilates Exercises:

1. Centering: Pilates exercises are based on the concept that all the power of the body resides in the 'centre' of the body; literally, the area below your rib cage. So you have to focus your physical and mental energy on this centre.

2. Concentration: You know why a casual walk does not help you lose weight? It is because you are not exercising with full concentration. Pilates leads to weight loss only when you are totally committed to the workout.

3. Control: The basic idea of working out is to gain control of your body. You should be in charge of every tendon of your muscles. No involuntary movements are permitted in Pilates.

4. Precision: This is not like running on the treadmill that you do while checking out the girl next to you. Every move you make is pre-determined. You have to be precise in every ounce of movement you make.

5. Breathe: Most of us do not breathe appropriately while exercising. To get the full benefits of Pilates, you must first learn to use your lungs properly. Your breathing has to be coordinated with your movements.

6. Flow: Gracefulness and mobility are the two main aims of Pilates other than weight loss. Although your movements are precise, they must be in a natural flow; like a ballet dancer enacting a dance drama.

Can I Do Pilates Exercises?

Almost everybody can do Pilates exercises because it is one of the most adaptable forms of workout regimes. In fact, one of the main benefits of Pilates is that it is designed for people who are in the state of physical recovery. So, whether you want to lose post pregnancy fat or you are recovering from an injury, you can rely on Pilates exercises.

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