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Want To Lose Weight? Follow The Ice Cube Diet!

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Add one-two ice cubes in a glass of water and then drink this ice water. This not just helps in quenching your thirst but surprisingly it aids in losing weight as well.

When a person is determined to lose weight, he tries out several methods. A few even go to the extent of starving and following rigorous workout routines.

So if you are looking at losing weight, then you could take up this ice diet.

ice cube diet

So how does this happen? When you eat ice cubes, it helps in boosting the body metabolism as you need to melt the ice in order to bring them to body temperature. If you are not sure about eating ice cubes then you need to read this, click here.

Apart from the ice diet, it is important to follow a nutritious and low-fat diet to make the process simple and healthy.

According to a research study published in the well-known medical journal, the Annals of Internal Medicine, taking up the ice diet in supplement to the overall dieting process, helps one to lose weight.

ice cube diet

The moment you feel you have started losing weight, you should stop eating ice cubes.

Ice cubes aid in weight loss, but when you consume too much of ice cubes then they can be harmful. It ends up affecting the teeth and leads to cough and throat pain.

Ways To Lose Weight With Ice Cube Diet:


1. Chew Ice After A Meal:

In an ice cube diet, you are not asked to limit food intake. Eat whatever you like but chew ice after the meal. An easy diet to lose weight.


2. Ice Cubes In Tea:

Ice cubes with natural appetite inhibitors are more effective for easy weight loss. Natural appetite inhibitors such as green tea and caffeine are beneficial for weight loss in ice cube diet.


3. Ice Cube Water With Every Meal:

Eating ice cubes controls hunger, an easy way to lose weight. Just have ice cube water with every meal.


4. Have Crushed Ice Whenever Hungry:

Just have one serving of crushed ice whenever hungry. This controls your cravings and has zero calories!


Other Ways To Use Ice For Weight Loss:

1. Keeping Ice-pack Around The Waist:

Take a few ice cubes and wrap them around your waist. Keep it for about 10-15 minutes. A lot of energy is used during the process of melting the ice cubes. This in turn helps in burning the fat and aids in weight loss.


2. Cold Ice Water Shower:

Yet another effective way to lose weight is taking a cold ice water shower. This helps in boosting the metabolism and thus aids in weight loss.

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