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Father’s Day 2021: Effective Health Tips For Diabetic Fathers

Father's day is approaching! Every year on the third Sunday of June, the day is celebrated to honour fatherhood and the influence of fathers in the society.

The father's health is an important and worrying factor for most children, especially if your father is a diabetic. This article talks about effective health tips that will help manage glucose levels and keep your father healthy in the long run.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires lifelong management. According to a study, diabetes is more prevalent in males (2.3 per cent) compared to females (1.4 per cent). [1]

Living with diabetes means coping with a strict regimen of physical exercise, dietary management and periodic testing.

The regimen also includes many other behavioural changes and changes in basic life habits, which must be followed throughout life to avoid the onset of diabetes complications and help a diabetic live life fully with the condition.

Take a look at the effective health tips for diabetic fathers and do remember to share the article with them.

Health Tips For Diabetic Fathers

1. Consume polysaccharides

Polysaccharide is a carbohydrate that contains starch, glycogen and cellulose. It is naturally found in grains, vegetables, edible mushrooms, fruits and other medicinal plants. Polysaccharides have a great anti-diabetic potential, along with anti-inflammatory and oxidative properties. Consuming carbs in the form of polysaccharides can benefit diabetics in managing glucose levels to a great extent. [2]

2. Avoid refined sugars and take non-nutritive sweeteners

Refined sugar or related products such as soft drinks and sweets can easily get absorbed by the body and raise the glucose levels. Avoid products that contain refined sugar and replace it with sugar substitutes such as stevia, aspartame, tagatose, canderel and sucralose. [3]

3. Reduce weight

A study has shown that vast majority of diabetics are overweight or obese, which is also responsible for the increased risk of heart-related complications in them. [4] Make efforts to reduce weight by performing regular physical activities like walking, cycling or other forms of aerobic exercise, remember the best way to manage diabetes is by staying active.

4. Begin a vegan diet

Starting on a vegan diet is the best way to consume plant nutrients like antioxidants and plant sterols which is linked to improved glucose levels in the body. Animal products contain saturated fats and high cholesterol that can lead to diabetes complications, especially heart and kidney problems. [5]

5. Restrict protein if you have diabetic nephropathy

According to a study, diabetic nephropathy is highly prevalent in males (51.6 per cent) compared to females (36.5 per cent). [6] If your father has diabetic nephropathy or is a father with the condition, avoid intake of salt and high protein foods such as chicken, meat, fish, crayfish and soybean. [7]

6. Lower stress

Being a father comes with a lot of stress related to finance, stability and family. According to a study, stress can contribute to chronic hyperglycemia as it stimulates the release of various hormones that may elevate glucose levels. Make ways to lower your stress by practising yoga or mindful exercises. [8]

7. Improve testosterone

A study says that high testosterone levels in men can decrease the risk of diabetes, as well as, its deficiency could be the main cause of diabetes in men. [9] Therefore, to maintain normal levels of the hormone, consume foods rich in vitamin D and zinc, as they are known to improve testosterone levels and male fertility. [10]

8. Quit smoking

The combination of cigarette smoking and high glucose levels can cause vascular damage and increase morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes. As most of the men are smokers, they could be at an increased risk of complications like infections, ulcers and retinopathy. Avoid smoking at all for the better management of the condition. [11]

9. Consume even healthy oils in limited amounts

Though vegetable oils are a great substitute for animal fat such as butter and ghee, high consumption of vegetable oils is also not recommended by experts. This is because almost all fats and oils are high in calories. Therefore, avoid foods fried in oil or have oily toppings.

10. Eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and fibres. They not only prevent a list of diseases but also help maintain optimum health. Include more fruits and green leafy veggies in your diet and manage diabetes in the long run. [12] Example of such a fruit and vegetable-based diet is Mediterranean diet.

11. Glucose testing is essential

Glucose testing is an important part of diabetes care. If you are a father and a diabetic, sometimes it may get hard for you to keep a check on your glucose levels due to a busy lifestyle. No matter how busy you get, always make ways to follow this important routine. Buy a self-testing device and keep a check on your sugar levels. If you have a diabetic father, you can make a small effort in reminding them to do glucose testing on time.

To Conclude

With so many wonderful gifts around, how about you give your father a gift of health. On this father's day, share with him this article and help him stay fit and healthy.

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