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Healthy Diabetes Foods That Aren't Actually Healthy

Some seemingly healthy foods can actually turn out to be disastrous for diabetic individuals. When you have type 2 diabetes, smoothies, granola and other foods that people usually think of as healthy can actually present you with hidden dangers.

Unwanted ingredients or foods high in carbs that come from added sugars don't belong to a diabetes diet. When you're trying your hands on fruits and vegetables, there is nothing to be worried of.

Diabetic patients: Eating

But when you lay your hands on prepared, processed or packaged foods, then you need to be careful with the ingredients present in the food items.

foods bad for diabetes

You need to learn to balance the carbohydrates as well as pay a close attention to prepared, processed or packaged foods and know what's there in each food item.

What might be healthy for a person without diabetes may not necessarily be healthy for you, as it can contain more carbs than what your body requires.

In this article, we have mentioned about some of the foods that are bad for diabetic individuals. Read further to know what foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes.

1. Fruit Juice:

There is nothing in juice except sugar. A 16-ounce glass of juice contains about 60 grams of carbohydrates! Further, all the healthy fibre present in it is removed during the juicing process. Eat a piece of whole fruit instead of drinking a glass of juice. Fruit juices are one of the unhealthy foods that causes diabetes.

2. Energy Or Protein Bars:

These snack bars are packed with calories, fat and carbohydrates. These bars are too high in sugar and carbs in order to be included in a diabetes diet. Instead of this, you can have a high-fibre whole grain cereal with fat-free milk.

3. Granola:

Most granola is sweetened with sugar or honey and the bunch of dried fruits in it add on to more carbs. Granola is a source of concentrated carbs and a small serving itself can add up too much of carbs. This is one of the foods bad for diabetes.

4. Fruit Yogurt:

As it is made from milk, yogurt contains carbs. When you add sweetened puree, you negate the protein and calcium value of yogurt. Instead, you can go for fat-free plain Greek yogurt. This is one of the top foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes.

5. Smoothies:

Most of the smoothies come with multiple servings of pureed fruit and this is more for the serving limit of a diabetes diet. One piece of fruit is equal to one serving of carb and hence a smoothie can cause a carb overload.

6. Low-Fat Packaged Foods:

Often, low-fat version of food is made with added sugars to replace the lost flavour when the fat was reduced. Examples are peanut butter and salad dressing. You need to make sure to buy regular peanut butter and salad dressings and consume them in small quantities. This is one of the top unhealthy foods for diabetic individuals.

7. Flavoured Oatmeal:

If you check out the labels of an oatmeal packet, you'll find that the value of its fibre is lost between added sugar and other unwanted ingredients. This is also one of the top foods that diabetic individuals should avoid.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 9:49 [IST]
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