13 Foods That Can Prevent Diabetes Risk As Per Experts

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Diabetes is a chronic disorder that needs to be treated effectively. Yet the best treatment for this chronic disease is its prevention. It is possible to forestall diabetic health complications by keeping the disease under control.

However, for a person whose diabetes has been out of control for a long span of time, it is a cause of concern, as it can methodically chip away his/her long-term health. Some individuals even begin to develop major health complications such as stroke, dialysis or kidney disease.

Known to be a disease with multifactorial aetiology, diabetes requires various solutions to manage the condition, be it by taking pills, following a stringent diet and making lifestyle changes. The most important strategy to prevent diabetes is to identify the presence of risk factors as well as to focus on dietary guidelines.

diabetes risk

If the risk factors are higher or greater, then there is the likelihood of diabetes to develop. Even though there is no complete cure for diabetes, yet it can be treated by controlling the condition and going into remission.

The nature of symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination, excessive thirst and appetite. Type 1 diabetes is quite apparent; while, on the other hand, type 2 diabetes is milder and does go unnoticed.

It is important that you make diabetes prevention a priority if you have a family history of the disease or if you're overweight. Eating more healthy and becoming more physically active can prevent or control diabetes.

Eating foods that are high in fibre such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and nuts can trim down the risk of diabetes. So, here are 13 foods that can prevent diabetes risk as per experts


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a wonder food that can keep your blood sugar levels well controlled. Known to be rich in calcium, fibre, and a high percentage of protein and manganese, Chia seeds offer a lot of nutrition in a small package. Regular chia consumption can lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Moreover, the omega 3 fatty acids found in chia seeds are also great in lowering cholesterol, which does reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Chia seeds are beneficial in preventing and treating diabetes, as these enable insulin regulation.



Yogurt, which is low in carbohydrates, has benefits for people with diabetes. Yogurt in general is beneficial to maintain body weight and it doesn't cause blood sugar spikes. Eating a serving of low-fat yogurt should be made a part of your balanced diet, so as to control the blood sugar levels.



People with diabetes should consume dried beans and avoid the sodium content of canned beans. Beans, which is low in the glycaemic index, helps repress the blood sugar levels better than any other starchy foods. If you have diabetes, you need to understand that the amount of calories you eat has to come from vegetables, legumes, beans and other fatty foods. Beans, known to be high in fibre, manages to steady the blood sugar level as well as lowers cholesterol.



If you have not been consuming legumes, then try to include this food type in your meal (two tbsp). A meal that is high in legumes can reduce cholesterol, many cancers and also improve blood glucose control. It helps to prevent diabetes.



Berries are the best for a diabetic diet, since they are low on the glycaemic index. Berries contain fructose that doesn't need insulin to be metabolized, as it tends to be well tolerated. Maqui berry contains the highest concentrations of antioxidants that help to suppress the growth of tumours as well as breast cancer cells. The anthocyanins present in it have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that try to stall rheumatoid arthritis and the risk of heart disease. This is one fruit that can rack up the insulin production in the body, since it helps to break down the sugar and the carbohydrates into glucose, which potentially makes it an ideal diet for diabetics.


Pumpkin Seeds

Whenever you want to snack on something crunchy, then grab some pumpkin seeds to munch on instead of opting for foods high in sugar and fat. Pumpkin seeds are a great nibble that contains 143 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrates and are definitely a healthy treat to control or prevent diabetes. Eating pumpkin seeds curbs unhealthy cravings and overeating. It improves your body's ability to respond to insulin.


Brown Rice

White rice can get your blood sugars soaring, so make sure to replace it with brown rice. Consuming brown rice reduces diabetes risk by almost 15%. Moreover, replacing rice with other grains can lessen or prevent diabetes by 35%.



Known to be a popular vegetable, Asparagus can keep diabetes at bay by controlling blood sugar levels. It boosts the output of insulin, which can eventually make the body to sop up glucose. High dose of asparagus has a considerable effect on keeping the blood sugar levels under control as well as body's production of insulin.



There is no denying that fruits like apples, blueberries and grapes are healthy and an essential part of the diet for everyone. These fruits are linked to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes if consumed frequently. People who eat apples every day can lower their risk of type 2 diabetes by 27% than those who don't eat apples.



Barley is an ancient grain that was the first ever one cultivated by man and interestingly it is still considered to be wholesome. It has soluble fibre, which is definitely better than brown rice. It prevents diabetes by rapidly improving people's health. Not many people are aware that barley is excellent in steadying your blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol by 6%. Barley is rich in soluble fibre called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan lowers the LDL cholesterol as well manages to stall your body's ability to absorb it.



Popping dates in your mouth is indeed rewarding for its sweet taste and delightful texture. Being a palate-friendly food, dates give us a generous supply of fibre, which does make it a perfect diabetes snack. Interestingly, consumption of dates by diabetic individuals doesn't result in postprandial glucose excursion, which is also known as blood sugar spikes. Blood sugar levels do not rise if a diabetes individual consumes dates on a regular basis, as it has a healthy glycaemic index.



Women who started to consume 28 g bags of walnuts had lesser chances of developing diabetes, as noted by a study. Regularly eating walnuts two times in a week can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have been around as a food and medicine for more than a hundred years now. It is considered to be one of the powerful foods on the planet. It has many professed health benefits such as managing to reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. On the other hand, these magical seeds help in lowering blood sugar levels and regulate the body well to use insulin appropriately.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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