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Food Combinations For Diabetic Individuals To Manage Their Blood Sugar Levels

By Sravia Sivaram

You already know that when you have type 2 diabetes, you need to eat foods that are low in glycaemic index (GI).

That is the scale that ranks the food on how much it tends to increase the blood sugar levels.

This will help diabetics to make sure they are eating the appropriate foods to reach their ideal blood sugar levels.


Further, pairing carbs with protein or fat will help keep diabetes in check.

The idea is that adding protein to the diet will delay the peak in glucose levels compared with when you eat carbs alone.

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It is crucial that you keep the size of carb portions in moderate and space them out throughout the body when you have diabetes.

In this article, we have listed the top food combinations for diabetics to follow. Read further to know more about the food combinations to control blood sugar.


1. Whole Grain Toast With Avocado:

You need to opt for a fibre-rich whole grain variety. Mixing them with healthy fat like avocado will make your dish diabetes friendly. This is one of the best food combinations to control diabetes.


2. Add Chia Seeds To Your Breakfast Smoothie:

Chia seeds contain fibre that helps lower blood sugar after eating a higher carb meal. Adding them to your mix can make you feel full for longer and aid slow digestion. This will ensure a slow rise in blood sugar. This is one of the best food combinations for diabetics.


3. Snack On Apple And Nuts:

Nuts can regulate the rise in blood sugar levels after a meal. The combination of healthy fat, fibre and protein work together to lower the blood sugar levels.


4. Fish With Wine:

A small glass of wine can actually lower the blood sugar levels in some people. Pairing this along with fish for dinner helped in managing the sugar levels in diabetics.


5. White Potatoes With Vinegar:

Freshly cooked portion controlled potatoes along with vinegar is known to manage and control the blood sugar spikes in patients.


6. Apple, Peanut Butter And Dark Chocolate:

Munching on sliced apples with a piece of dark chocolate and peanut butter is the best cholesterol-lowering treat that you can opt for. It results in a moderate rise in blood glucose.


7. Greek Yogurt And Oats:

Yogurt contains protein, carbs and fat and is the perfect breakfast for diabetics. It keeps your blood sugar and hunger pangs in check. This is one of the top food combinations to control blood sugar.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 21, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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