Tips On How To Live A Diabetic Life

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Living life as a diabetic is a challenge. If you have developed this disease, the only way to live life is to move on by knowing what lies ahead and trying to be careful at all times.

When it comes to diabetes, the first few things that comes to your mind are managing the blood sugar levels, following a proper diet and the importance of exercising. But once you are diagnosed with diabetes you need to pay a lot more attention to your overall health than the above stated three points.

We all are aware that diabetes can be a killer disease. This condition affects every organ of your body and at times leads to other health complications, such as a kidney or heart problems.

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But there are certain things that you should avoid as they can aggravate the blood sugar in the body. For instance: staying away from fried food, avoiding weight gain, wearing uncomfortable footwear, not looking after your eyes, avoiding regular check-ups and of course not maintaining a balanced pressure. So if you have learn to handle these things, you will cause no extra harm to your body.

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Living with diabetes is never easy, it is an everyday challenge. So here are some of the tips on how to live and accept a diabetic life in a natural way, with or without medications. Take a look:


Oral Care

Oral health and diabetes are interlinked, which is why it is important to look after your teeth once you are diagnosed with diabetes. High blood sugar tends to trigger gum infections and diseases, so following a healthy oral habit is the key to live with a healthy diabetic life.


Get Fit

It is necessary for diabetic patients to stay fit. Yoga, aerobics, brisk walking are some of the options. But, if you can opt for strength training exercises then it will improve the insulin sensitivity of the body and will help to control the blood sugar levels.


Pay Attention To Fibre-Rich Foods

A recent study suggests that diabetics should include high fibre foods in their diet. Masoor and moong dal, other legumes and vegetables have a high content of fibre which helps to initiate carbohydrate metabolism, lowers cholesterol level and helps to control diabetes.


Keep Stress At Bay

Stress triggers blood sugar levels in the body and this causes harm to your heart. To lower your stress, diabetics should practice yoga as it helps to calm your mind as well as keeps you physically healthy.


Choose Good Footwear

Choose comfortable footwear if you are a diabetic. This helps in preventing sores, blisters and friction which can be hard on your feet making way for infections like diabetic foot and gangrene.


Keep A Check On Your Sugar Levels

To live a normal diabetic life, it is best to check your sugar levels atleast once a week. By doing so, you will know what your health status is.


Eat Non-Cholesterol Foods

People suffering from diabetes should opt for foods that have zero cholesterol. When diagnosed with diabetes, cholesterol adds up to more health problems like heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, it is best to keep high calorie foods at bay.

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