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Dangerous Diseases That Diabetes Can Lead To

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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It is quiet easy to combat a known enemy. But if the opponent is unknown to you, no strategies work efficiently. Life is a battle field. You don’t know when the silent creepers come and attack you. Diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. are some of those hushed attackers which may not come with severe syndromes. If not treated early, They can even be fatal.

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Mainly there are two types of diabetes- Type 1 and Type 2. If you suffer from diabetes, you must know that it can also lead to other diseases. What other diseases can diabetes lead to? Well, it is a disease which can’t be diagnosed at the first stage. You don’t feel any uneasiness. But slowly you feel lethargy, tiredness, vision problems and many more things. Complications of diabetes are not limited to its symptoms. It damages your cardiovascular health and affects on your nerves.

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You may think that diabetes is a disease of old age. But recent researches show that teenagers are not free from the risk of diabetes and its related diseases. The blame is to be put on unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, having junk foods etc. Such bad habits not only bring diabetes to youngsters but also increase the complications of diabetes. Do you have any idea what other diseases can diabetes lead to? Read on to know more-


1. Invites Heart Diseases

Heart attack and stroke are one of the most fatal complications of diabetes. The high blood sugar augments the deposition of fat which clogs your heart and thickens its wall. The narrow blood vessels can't pump enough blood to your heart and the risk of heart diseases increase.


2. Damages Your Nerves

Other than heart attack, what other diseases can diabetes lead to? You may be at risk of diabetic neuropathy. Here, blood vessels become narrower due to fat deposit. So, your nerves don't get enough nutrients and oxygen. As a result, you face pain, tingling effect on your fingers, nausea etc.


3. Leads to Kidney Failure

Any kind of kidney problem can be the first signal of diabetes. Actually, kidneys filter your blood to make it clear. Diabetes hampers this filtering job and causes kidney problems which may cause kidney failure. You may then, need to go through dialysis or transplantation.


4. Delayed Wound Healing

Primarily, high sugar level makes the blood vessels narrower and hampers blood circulation. Therefore, any cut on your body takes time to heal. On the other hand, if diabetes is making your nerves numb, you won't feel the pain of cutting or notching. That can make your infection worse.


5. Vision Problem

While you need information about what other diseases can diabetes lead to, you can't ignore this one. As diabetes affects the blood vessels in the retina and causes their unusual growth, it can lead to serious eye problem, even blindness. Als,o diabetes increases the risk of glaucoma and cataract.


6. Skin Problems

When you face any fungal or bacterial infection on your skin, don't use any ointment by yourself. Those can be the symptoms of diabetes. Instead of ignoring it, consult an expert physician immediately.


7. Alzheimer’s Disease

Though the connection between this disease and diabetes is not clear enough to the experts, it is said that someone suffering from type 2 diabetes, he/she is at more risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Hopefully, now you know what other diseases can diabetes lead to. It is always better to take effective precautions than treating the diseases. So, follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and try to be stress free as much as possible.

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