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Causes And Dangers Of Low Sugar Level

By: Ajanta Sen
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The sugar that is stored in your body comes from the foods that you consume. Sugar is also produced inside the body. It is the major source of energy that is needed by your body; sugar is carried to each cell of the body through blood. The blood sugar levels mainly represent the amount of sugar in your blood. However, have you ever wondered what happens if your blood sugar levels decrease?

Myths And Facts On Diabetes

When your blood sugar levels fall, this state is called “Hypoglycemia”. If you are going through this condition, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor and get it treated without any delay. Those who have diabetes can suffer from low blood sugar levels.

Effects Of Drop In Sugar Level

The reason is when you have diabetes you have to be under medication to control your diabetes. The role of these medicines is to extract the sugar from your blood and transfer it to the cells in your body; this in turn lowers your blood sugar levels. However, sometimes this balancing act becomes a bit deceiving and your blood sugar levels can drop down excessively.

Following are some of the very important points in this regard, if you want to know what happens if your blood sugar level decreases:

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Causes Of Low Blood Sugar Levels

There are various reasons due to which your blood sugar levels can go down. You might be taking too much of insulin, you might be skipping your snacks and meals or you may be working out for longer periods without taking enough food.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar Levels
There are a number of symptoms that you may notice if your blood sugar levels fall. They are: you start feeling sweaty, you may suffer headache, you may feel drowsy, shaky or weak, your skin might turn pale, you may feel confused and last but not the least, you may suffer anxiety.

If you can observe these symptoms, you can be sure that you have low blood sugar levels. If you cannot recognise these symptoms, you can suffer from the most dangerous side effects of low blood sugar levels. These side effects can cause harsher symptoms like – poor concentration, coma, poor coordination, passing out, nightmares, numbness in the tongue and mouth etc.

Effects Of Drop In Sugar Level

How To Avoid Having Low Blood Sugar Levels
In order to prevent the side effects of low blood sugar levels, follow the below mentioned points:

1)Check your blood sugar daily and learn how to identify the initial symptoms.

2)Don’t miss your snacks and meals.

3)Avoid gulping down too much of alcohol.

4)Make sure to consume an extra nibble if you go for a longer and rigorous exercise session.

5)Take the accurate dosage of insulin.

6)Always make sure to carry some sugary stuff with you such as biscuits, sweets or fruit juices so that if you suddenly notice any symptom, you can munch it at once.

7)Don’t take long gaps between your meals for e.g. don’t leave your stomach empty for 4-5 hours.

8)Always follow your food plan.

When your sugar or glucose levels fall, your body can’t perform its activities because of lack of energy. Hypoglycemia is generally linked with diabetes and it majorly takes place if a diabetic patient skips his meals, takes excess dose of insulin or exercises rigorously. In very rare cases, a person without having diabetes can also have low blood sugar levels. Addison’s disease, excess boozing and malnutrition are a few reasons for having low blood sugar levels in a non-diabetic.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 22, 2015, 1:02 [IST]
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