Fruits For Diabetic Patients

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Did you know that there are certain types of fruits which are good for a diabetic patient? These fruits which has been listed below will help you regulate your blood sugar levels in the body. According to experts, they say that 4-5 servings of these special fruits which have been enlisted needs to be consumed daily by every diabetic patient. However, as a diabetic patient it is only natural that one is particular about the food we eat and the amount of sugar we consume on a daily basis.

If you are diabetic, we are sure that this question has popped up in your head. Is it safe to have fruits? In every aspect, a diabetic patient can have any type of fruit provided it is helpful and has the correct amount of sugar levels which should not effect the patient. Thee fruits which has been listed below, should not be consumed in an overdose method, however, small quantities of these fruits for diabetes will do wonders for one.

Every diabetic patient needs an equivalent serving of these fruits on a daily basis. Diabetic patients needs to be aware to not go over board with fruits like bananas, litchis, chickoo, and custard apples.

To help diabetic patients, here are some diabetic fruits which will not affect the blood sugar level. Take a look at the list.



One of the best fruits for a diabetic patient is that of kiwi. The kiwi is said to lower the blood sugar level in the body.



The GI ( Glycemic Index )value in cherries is 20 and sometimes less than that as it varies. This is a healthy fruit for diabetes at given time. Chew on a few cherries to regulate your blood levels.



The guava fruit controls diabetes and it is also good for constipation. Guavas are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C too. It ha a high amount of dietary fibre. However, this fruit has a reasonably low GI.


Black jamun

Traditionally, this fruits for diabetes is common among people who live in village areas. Today, this black jamuns has been seen in the urban areas and is a trendy fruit for diabetic patients. This fruit helps to improve the blood sugar control. The seeds too can consumed if powdered.



The tangy peaches is a very tasty fruits for diabetic patients. It is surely a healthy treat. It is low in GI as well.



If you are a diabetic patient you can choose any of your favourite berry. Be it strawberry or raspberries. Diabetic patients can consume berries to keep their sugars in check.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The juicy red fruit contains antioxidants, which help to reduce cholesterol levels. It also cleanses the digestive system, boosts the immune system and contributes to a lot of nutrients in the body.



This fruit is good for diabetics. The yellow pineapples benefits the body as they are rich in anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which is good for diabetic patients.



If you are a diabetic patient, pears is a good fruit for you to munch on. Rich in Vitamins and fibre, the pear helps to regulate the blood levels in the body.



This fruit is good for diabetics because they are rich in vitamins and other minerals.



The richness in fibre helps with insulin function in diabetes patients. Therefore, adding this fruit to your daily diet is good.



Citrus fruits are the best for diabetic patients. These citrus fruits can be consumed on a daily basis by patients as they are rich in vitamin C. This fruits aids in boosting the immune system.



The content of GI in watermelons is high. Their glycemic load is low which makes them good fruits for diabetes patients. But, make sure that you consume this fruit in moderation.



One of the best fruits for diabetes patients is that of grapefruit. It helps to slower down the blood sugar and maintain its levels.



The ruby red fruit is good for diabetic patients as it helps to improve the blood sugar levels in the body.



The stringy jackfruit is now considered best for diabetic patients. It helps to improve the insulin resistance in the body. Jackfruit consists of Vitamin C and Vitamin A which is good for these patients.



This bitter fruit is good for diabetic patients as it is loaded in Vitamin C and fibre. The greenish yellow Amla fruits should be eaten on a daily diet by diabetic patients.



This fruit is high in the Glycemic Index. But has good amount of fiber present in it. Therefore, in moderation, this fruit can be included in the diet of a diabetic patient.


White jamun

Just like the black jamuns, the white jamuns too is quite popular. Diabetic patients can consume the white jamun fruit daily. This will help to control their sugar levels since it is rich in fibre.


Star fruit / kamrakh/ karambal-drakshi

This fruits for diabetes is very similar to that of the jamuns. The star fruit is good for diabetics as they help to improve the blood sugar control. But caution needs to be exercised in case the person has diabetes nephropathy.

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