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This Hospital Launches Post COVID-19 Recovery Clinics Pan India

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the total COVID-19 case tally has already crossed 7.6 million in India on 21 October, with 740090 active cases. Therefore, in a bid to speed up the recovery process of the rising number of COVID-19 patients who are suffering from midterm and long term persistent effects of the infection, Apollo has launched recovery clinics across the hospital network.

What Is Post-COVID Recovery Program?

Several hospitals and health institutions around the globe have established Post-COVID Recovery Clinics, that provide a broad spectrum of care for individuals who were diagnosed with COVID-19 and suffer from various physical, cognitive and functional difficulties.

The Post-COVID Recovery Program helps one to recover from the continuing effects of COVID-19 through rehabilitation and therapies which are specifically designed to restore their function and quality of life. The Post-COVID Recovery Clinics are not just aimed for individuals who were severely affected by the respiratory infection, but also for individuals who had mild to moderate symptoms. One can also avail the services from the clinic even if they were not hospitalized.

The clinics also offer telemedicine and have in-person visits.

Apollo Hospitals Launches Post-COVID Recovery Clinics In India

The Apollo Hospitals' Post-COVID Recovery Clinics will be manned by a team of specialists and will include neurologists and immunologists to help patients deal with the aftermath of COVID-19 and restore them to health.

About 50 per cent of COVID patients suffer from problems that include breathlessness, chest pain and heart issues, joint pains, vision problems, and memory loss months after contracting the novel Coronavirus.

The Vice-Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals Group, Preetha Reddy, said, 'We had realized early on that addressing the COVID challenge would require a comprehensive response plan and had launched Project Kavach in March this year, which integrated all aspects from patient education, screening and assessment, testing, to infrastructure for quarantine and treatment.'

Adding to this she mentioned, 'With COVID showing that it has lingering effects in patients who have recovered from the virus infection, it became necessary to add the element of post-recovery care to help recovered patients return to their normal life. We are launching these clinics across the group network in various cities. The Post-COVID Recovery Clinics would be a one-stop-shop for patients who have recovered from COVID-19 but still have persistent medical effects and symptoms. The clinics will enable us to provide coordinated care without the patient having to run around to different specialists and avoid duplication of testing that a patient might otherwise undergo.'

COVID-19 impacts almost all the vital organs in the body. Apart from acute events like stroke and myocardial infarction, chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension are part of the post-COVID syndrome. Sudden deaths in post-covid patients have been reported across the country and most of these are attributed to acute cardiac events.

Why Are Post-COVID Recovery Clinics Important?

Reports point out that there has been a surge of COVID-19 recovered patients who have complained about difficulties post COVID recovery. The establishment of these clinics will help address acute components of the post-COVID syndrome from progressing further.

On A Final Note...

The Post-COVID Recovery Clinics will initially be launched in Apollo hospitals treating COVID in Chennai, Madurai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mysore, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Delhi, Indore, Lucknow, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The clinics will be manned by a dedicated team consisting of a Family Physician, assisted by a nurse.