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7 Lingerie Items To Seduce Him On Your Wedding Night


Are you the bride-to-be? Or, is your friend/sister/relative are soon-to-get-hitched? Anyway, you have landed at the right place. Because this piece covers the most essential part of the bridal trousseau: Wedding Night Lingerie.

Don't ignore it. And don't let anybody ignore this night. Because honestly, nobody likes to stand in old pyjamas in front of the husband on the first night after the wedding. So if you are looking to embarrass yourself then we can't do anything about it.

But if you are looking to spice things on your most-awaited day, then go ahead and read this through.

Wedding night lingerie is essential. It serves many purposes. While it can make you look hot, it can also be the reminder of your time spent with the hubby.

So here are 7 types wedding night lingerie that you can buy to seduce your man...

1. Want To Make Him Yours? Get yourself a pair of silk/satin pjs. There is something about its fabric that doesn't let you stop touching it. Yes. The silky soft fabric is tempting to touch. And if you can't stop touching, just think about your hubby who wouldn't be able to get his hands off you.

2. Want To Add That Little Heat? PJs can be too casual for some who like to keep it hot. If you know what I mean. For the brides-to-be who would like to keep it sexy the entire night, lace is for you. You can get a good deal at La Senza. Lace is another fabric that is quite nice to touch.

3. Need To Heat Up Things? If you want to extra spice up things in the bedroom, then go for this tie-up two piece. A braless tie-up top and a matching panty. Let your hair fly. And put on a lot of scented moisturizer.

4. Want To Make Him High On You? Then drop everything and switch to only two piece. No coverlet. No robe. Just a sexy lace and satin lingerie combination.

5. Hotness Is Your Only Goal? If you only want to look hot on your wedding night then go for a satin and lace nighty. Take a bubble bath before you put it on. And also, don't forget to moisturize well since satin sticks to the skin.

6. Drive His Imagination Wild? Do you want to drive him crazy? If high is not the factor for you. Then keep it disclosed. Wear lace two pieces but use a matching robe. It's sexy as hell.

7. Are You the Naughty Type? If you like to be a little naughty then you should totally go ahead with the see-through nighty. It's a bit kinky and also, makes you look sexy.

All Images via Pinterest.

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