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Top Essential Sunglasses Every Girl Should Own


Sunglasses have always been a favourite part of our accessories. Be it, men or women, no one can leave their house without a pair of sunglasses on a bright sunny day. Well, wearing sunglasses not just limit to protect your eyes from the sun, even people going for snow treks or travelling to the mountains, need sunglasses to resist the cold.

Summing it up, a pair of sunglasses is not just a necessity but a priority too. We have listed down the basic types of sunglasses that each girl should possess.



Nothing makes the girl hotter is she pulls off a sassy pair of aviators with either a Western outfit or even Indian traditional attires. Have you not seen the sassy brides posing with a pair of aviators? Well, there you understand the value of aviators.



Wayfarers have always been Priyanka Chopra's favourite pair of shades but you too need to keep this as your necessary apparel. Wayfarers suit oval and round face people and it is the perfect combination for casuals or party wear.



Reflector sunglasses are another type which can make any girl look sexier than ever. From plain oval shaped to polygonal ones, reflectors have become a rage in the fashion industry. They are the best to be worn on beaches or while day-partying.


Cats-eye Shades

If you talk about the most trending shape in eyewear, it is surely going to be the cats-eyed ones. While they primarily started with glasses, these sunglasses look amazing in all types of eyewear. In this picture, the girl dons a pair of cats-eye shaped reflector sunglasses.


Animal-print Rims

If we talk about rims, animal prints are the most trending ones. A girl should definitely possess a pair of animal-print rimmed sunglasses to complete her sunglass collection. If you still don't have a pair, please grab one soon.



Rounded frames in sunglasses are popularly called John Lennon or Harry Potter frames, knowing their signature shape of glasses. In shades too, this is very common and also one of the most essential patterns of sunglasses you should possess.

All these shapes, sizes and patterns in sunglasses should complete your wardrobe.

Story first published: Thursday, February 1, 2018, 19:27 [IST]