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Wardrobe Guide - Tips to Ace Trending Pleated Skirt Styles


There are some clothing items that are considered to be 'classic' and the Pleated Skirt remains a chic choice. And why not? Club it with a formal shirt or match it with a casual tee, the fluid flared skirt looks forever flattering.

Looking forward to slaying the sensuous vertical pleated skirt trend? We have curated the fashion guide for you to ace the pleated skirt style:


Monochrome Pleated Skirt

Image: Ajio

One hue makes everything better. Color? You choose. Be it black, white, or sea green; a single-tone pleated skirt is an easiest and safest choice you can make. The monochrome pleated skirt makes an ideal choice for those, who prefer a minimalistic look. Plus it allows you to wear your favorite print-defined top or shirt. And if you fancy wearing a plain top with the accordion pleat skirt, do elevate the look with chic accessories like a waist belt or a lovely scarf!


Asymmetric Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt with an ‘unusual' silhouette, that's how one can define the asymmetric pleated skirt. The accordion or vertical pleats on this type of skirt give a trendy, boho look. A lovely balloon sleeve top makes the best companion for the asymmetric skirt for that casual outing. You can put your best foot forward by styling it with strapless heels or flats.

Image: Fablestreet


Printed Pleated Skirt

For those, who can't get enough of prints, a chic print pleated skirt makes an offbeat choice. The print could be sparse or busy, pick the one that can define your individual style. Floral, geometrical, or abstract; you can play with the print preference. Just ensure to go for either a plain or textured top to balance the whole plain-print combo for your outfit.

Image: Ajio


Art Pleated Skirt

You can wear your chosen art form on your skirt literally. The art pleated skirt can feature a lovely print, subject, or scene. The outlook of the same is nothing less than a beautiful artwork worn as an outfit. To ace this skirt trend, you need to wear a plain shirt or top to allow the art-defined skirt to outshine.

Image: Luisaviaroma


Graphic Pleated Skirt

Image: Azafashions

Graphics has been playing a muse for designers for many years now. And the love for it isn't decreasing either. The graphic pleated skirt looks bold and playful. You can team it up with a plain crop top or a bodysuit. Ace the ensemble game with funky jewelry pieces like statement earrings, footwear, or eyeglasses.


Tie-Dye Pleated Skirt

Image: Perniapopupshop

Tie-dye clothing has been topping the list as a chic ensemble for quite some time now. The whole process of creating tie-dye clothes is a work of art and patience. The impact of either single or multicolor hues on a tie-dye pleated skirt is always serene and sophisticated. Go for a plain or textured tee to let the Asian-originated cloth formation style appear important. You can always experiment with either a neutral or bold color tie-dye hue pleated skirt.


Leather Pleated Skirt

Image: Oasis

Leather as a fabric looks forever edgy. And when crafted as a pleat-designed skirt, it can appear daring and adventurous. You just need to ensure that, you pick the right season to wear the leather skirt (it may cling to your skin during summers or monsoons). Stick to usual favorite hues for leather clothes like black, brown, or tan. Team it up with subtle hues for leather textile to play the hero!

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