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We Realised How Fuss-Free Work-From-Home Fashion Is Because Of Self-Quarantine Phase


Source: Desmond & Dempsey

COVID-19 has brought the world to almost a standstill. It has caused major losses to human life and the economy of the world. Adding to that, coronavirus pandemic has most of the people from various sectors, working from home and can be termed as a middle-class privilege. However, having said that, now that we are working from home, we ladies at least have to admit that it is so comfortable working without bras or bralettes. It is a relief undoubtedly.

Source: Pour Les Femmes

However, apart from bras, it is also fun to work in jammies or pyjamas - It is pure joy! While you sit in your jammies, you can enjoy eating porridge and simultaneously listen to all those 90s Bollywood songs, or jazz music, or soft rock, or pop numbers, or whatever ad infinitum. Coming back to the work-from-home outfits and not getting carried away, don't you all think it is so amazing that we can even work in wrinkled clothes? There's no pressure of wearing crisp clothes - a t-shirt and pyjamas can be our dress codes these days. And who knows, wrinkled outfits can be the new normal!

Source: YOLKE

Now, now forget pyjamas, shorts are just as good. There's nothing better than wearing a pair of shorts and working. Very few employers allow shorts as office wear, so this opportunity should be utilised. Also, you can slip into those very light summery dresses, instead of formal dresses. Working from home allows ease and comfort to where the dressing is concerned. It is hassle-free, which is liberating. For instance, when is the last time you wore shoes or sandals? Your wardrobe is an oyster these days in a sense that you can pick up almost anything, even a stained shirt or spaghetti tops.

It is absolutely fun fashion-wise to work from home, don't you all think so?

Story first published: Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 17:27 [IST]