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This Winter Master The Art of Donning Layers

By Kaustubha Sharma

Winter is coming! Not just in Game Of Thrones but in the real world, too. Winter gives us another reason to celebrate naps. Late for office? Blame it on weather because you know - it's the cold sluggish weather and you just can't get out of bed.

Besides naps and hot chocolate, winter also offers us the uber-chic winter clothes. The cashmere sweaters, cardigans, leather jackets, leggings are enough to titillate fashion lovers like us. But selecting winter clothes can be daunting since our winter closet is filled with shades of grey and black.

In addition to that we do not have many options to experiment, in better words - wear the winter clothes. While summers offer myriad options to clad summer outfits, winters on the other hand leaves us with a lot less. However, many still adorn winter rags more than the summer clothes.

In our fashion world, there is no place for fashion disappointments so here we are guiding you to your dream winter outfits. Layers and more layers is our one stop solution to every winter outfit faux pas. But this cannot be generic. You just can't start layering yourself with woolens and call it fashion, can you? You first need to master the art of layers and then go out and flaunt that glorious winter outfit. So here we are, all ready to teach you the art of layering your winter clothes. So let's get set and read:

1. Sweater & Shirt Combo

Image Courtesy: My Honeys Place

Needless to ask, but do you have a denim shirt or any regular formal shirt? If yes, then congratulations, your half work is done. Now, all you need is to wear the shirt first and then a sweater on top of it. Make sure you fold the shirt's collar on top of the sweater neckline - Do not let it stay inside the sweater. Also, fold the shirt sleeves over your sweater sleeves, this will flatter your sweater& shirt combo.

2. Because Leather Jacket Is Mandatory!

Image Courtesy: Style Ceatar

It will be an absolute waste of our time, if we do not talk about leather in winters. Because leather in winters is mandatory. You can experiment a lot with your leather jacket but for a simple ensemble you can wear a shirt over a shirt and then grace the combo with your leather jacket. Try using shirts in contrast, it will highlight your layers in a much better way.

3. Make Use Of That Short Dress

Image Courtesy: Sorta

Who said you cannot use your summer clothes? If it's layering, then bring on that short summer dress and pair it with a shirt or a leather jacket. Wear black stockings to avoid freezing your shanks.

4. Scarves & More Scarves

Image Courtesy: Style Estate

Is it freezing out there? Then get those beautiful scarves out of your closet. The best thing with scarves is that it can be layered with almost every outfit. You can wear leather pants with a shirt paired with a sweater and put a colourful scarf on. Voila! The most scintillating winter outfit of the year!

5. Workplace Coats

Image Courtesy: R

Workplace outfits are a bit tricky. Putting together layers of clothes that would match the professionalism of your workplace can be hard. But what if you could just wear your regular formal shirt and pant combo and grace it with an overcoat layer? Perfecto! Isn't it?

6. Go Casual

Image Courtesy: Bealady and whowhatwear

You can either pick an over-sized t-shirt donned with a classic grey overcoat or just wear layers of sweaters and add a suit jacket to your outfit.

7. Need To Use A Long Skirt? No Problem

Image Courtesy: Bloglovin

Pair your long skirt with a sweater and a long over coat. If it gets too cold for you, wear a legging

inside-- it always helps.

And now, since you've mastered the art of layering go ahead and get ready for winters. Also, do let us know which of the above outfits will dominate your winter. Or if you have a different idea for layering your winter outfit, please do update us.

Stay tuned for more interesting updates straight from the fashion industry.

Story first published: Thursday, September 17, 2015, 15:03 [IST]
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