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10 Types Of Blazers Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobes


Formals and blazers go hand-in-hand and if you hear people saying that men can impress a girl with his formal style book, you are following the wrong people. Women look no less but equally hotter in formals.

There is no doubt that we all possess at least one type of blazer in our wardrobes. While we talk about the quintessential outfits to be in every woman's wardrobe, blazers come first. Though winter is the best time to flaunt your formals, it can also be worn all throughout the year.

From the list of the basic things every woman should possess in their wardrobe, we have listed down the different types of blazers you MUST have.


Single-breasted Blazer

Double-breasted blazer is totally out of style and the most basic type of blazer every woman should possess is a single-breasted blazer.

Now, what is a single-breasted blazer? This kind of blazer has two different halves which join together with buttons. While in a double-breasted blazer, it gives you a wrap-around feel.

Rings a bell? So, you already must be possessing this basic blazer's type or you should definitely grab one soon.


Leather Blazer

No, leather jackets and leather blazers are no at all the same. It has a very thin line of difference and leather blazers have a very formal approach while leather jackets could give you a 'bike girl' look. So, leather jackets are one target tick you need to strike for your wardrobe goals.


Cape Blazer

Cape blazers are the best to match with LBDs and if you are attending a formal meeting or planning to hit a nightclub, a cape blazer can be your mini dress' best friend and both pair pretty well. You can also team them with a tucked-in informal tee into jeans and that informal look can turn into formal with just a blink. Isn't it magic?


Coloured Blazer

Coloured blazers must be in your wardrobes along with the basic neutral colours. Colours look vibrant and in a formal meeting, you must have that vibrant look on you. Colours vary from violet, red and peach too. You can have change in preferences according to your choice of light or dark colours.


Printed Blazer

Printed blazers, like coloured blazers, bring vibrancy to your look and you can transform yourself into a classier person. Do go for conventional prints if you are going to meetings. Prints including polka dots, fishnets or stripes go really well but if you are attending some informal event, go for floral prints and many more vibrant ones.

But, you should always possess this type of blazer in your wardrobe.


Waterfall Blazer

Waterfall blazers are one of the prettiest modifications in the design of blazers and they look classy and sexy too. The style can be adopted for both formal and informal events and you can be the unconventional slayer among your lot. Having one piece of this is highly recommended.


Lace Blazer

Blazers are anyway classy but lace blazers can turn the classiness of the look into a prettier one. Lace blazers became popular from European countries and since then, this style has been adopted by people across the country. You should have one piece too.


Peplum Blazer

This is one more pretty type of the modified style trend of blazers. The peplum blazers have a peplum shaped curve on its bottom and that makes it look really very pretty. If you love blazers, you should definitely own one of this kind.


Denim Blazers

Just like lace blazers, there are denim blazers too and like denim or chambray shirts make your look casual, denim or chambray blazers tend to make the look more formal. So, if you love chambray and also love wearing formals, go for this type and you will love it.


Tuxedo or Blazer Dress

Blazers also come in full or medium length and they take a form of a dress. This look can give you a sexier and a classier feel. So, you can obviously choose such a look for your office party, meetings and also any other formal event.

Try all the types of blazers and you can become a formal style icon in your circle.

So, what is keeping you on wait?

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 18:28 [IST]
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