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Are You 18-25 Years Old? Here Are Top 30 Summer Dresses For You That You Won’t Find Anywhere


Come summers and we want to slip into those light and summery dresses, which offer us respite from the scorching sun but also make us look glamorous when need be. However, we also want dresses, which we can wear to college, university, internships, and also to date and movie nights. In a nutshell, we want to dress for each and every occasion. So, if you are anywhere between 18-25, here are the dresses we have listed for you based on different factors.

Summer Dresses Based On Colours

We ladies always have one or the other favourite colour. Be it soft pink or be it deep black, the colour of the dress can always change our mood and personality. Colours have their own power and each colour can make you look a class apart. We have chosen five different coloured dresses for you and have also mentioned the symbolism behind each colour and when you should sport a particular dress.

Courtesy: Dorothy Perkins on Myntra

1. A Plain Black Dress

The black colour is among our favourite hues and you just can't ignore a black dress. Be it parties, a date, or at a formal event, a black dress can be donned on almost any occasion. If it's a little black dress, you can wear it to formal events or a date but a long black dress can be sported at grand parties. Black colour symbolises power and sophistication and so make sure you wear a black colour dress wisely.

Courtesy: JULIE By Julie Shah

2. A Light Pink Dress

Women love the colour pink as it exudes femininity and elegance. A pink-hued dress is ideal if you are meeting your friends or you are the bridesmaid at your friend's wedding. A light pink dress is also ideal for the grand occasions at your college or university. A pink-coloured dress is also perfect in case you are looking forward to attending a breast cancer awareness event - the colour symbolises breast cancer awareness.

Courtesy: Nike Dress On Asos

3. A Simple White Dress

A white-hued dress is also easily available as the black colour dress and can be donned on almost any occasion. Well, of course, Christian brides wear the colour white at their weddings but you can wear a white dress if you are planning to play tennis or any other sport. Associated with purity and freshness, a white-hued dress can be donned even when you are at home and want to feel more positive.

Courtesy: Who Wore What When

4. A Bright Yellow Dress

A yellow-coloured dress is absolutely hard to ignore. Yellow is the most radiant and cheerful colour and it can lit up any occasion. Yellow hue requires a lot of confidence to pull it off. So, if you are a confident girl, which we are sure you are, you can sport a yellow-coloured dress to evening parties or to a shopping outing with your buddies. You can also opt for a yellow dress for the fresher's or farewell party since it is a lively hue.

Courtesy: The Label Life

5. A Soothing Blue Dress

Blue is among the most soothing hues and the colour blue represents depth, wisdom, and intelligence. So, the days you find yourself contemplating, you can wear a blue dress as it will perfectly complement your mood. A blue dress is also ideal if you looking forward to attending a literature event as this hue is associated with intellect. Also, if you are at a beach, you can opt for a blue dress because we think that it will give you an Instagram-perfect moment.

Summer Dresses Based On Fabrics

Now, girls, fabrics can make or break a dress. A good fabric alone can make you look awesome without doing much. So, be sure you invest your money in a fabric dress. We are pretty sure your mother would have insisted you to buy fabric at least once. So, be it chiffon or linen, a fabric dress is essential. We have discussed five fabric outfits for you and stated why that particular fabric is great and on what occasions you can sport that dress.

Courtesy: H&M

6. A Light Chiffon Dress

A lightweight transparent material, chiffon fabric makes the best dresses. Chiffon is among the most demanded fabrics in the world and because it feels good and light on the skin, this fabric is perfect for the summer season. A chiffon floral dress can be donned at home as it can elevate your mood and protect you from sweating too much. It can also be donned if you are thinking of taking a stroll or attending a morning garden party.

Courtesy: Nicobar

7. A Trendy Denim Dress

Well, who doesn't like a good old denim dress? A denim dress can make many heads turn and it is an evergreen fabric, which means denim never goes out of trend. So, if you are a trend-focused young lady, a denim dress is the most awesome choice for you. Since denim fabric is practical and fuss-free, you can wear it to your college, university, or office, and on days when there is a lot of work-load. Apart from being a summer dress, a denim dress can also make for a perfect autumn dress.

Courtesy: People Tree

8. A Classy Linen Dress

On a scorching summer day, a linen dress would be your ideal summer dress. It is a cool fabric and this fabric allows air to flow through the fabric. A stiff fabric, linen doesn't stick to your body when it's humid outside. A linen dress can be donned on a hot day but since it is a structured fabric without wrinkles and ruffles, a linen dress can also be sported at a professional environment such as your office or to formal occasions.

Courtesy: Good Earth

9. A Shimmering Chanderi Dress

While we hear of women wearing Chanderi sarees, you can surprise them by sporting a Chanderi cotton dress. Lightweight and luxuriant fabric, a Chanderi fabric dress is perfect for parties at any time of the day. Wear it to a wine and cheese party and you will look so class apart at an instant. With a Chanderi dress, you can also exude vintage vibes and you can make others envious of your upmarket and unconventional choice.

Courtesy: Zara

10. A Vibrant Satin Dress

Like Chanderi dresses, satin dresses also make for excellent party wear. However, a satin dress is ideal for late-night parties with your girl gang. A satin dress with a Jacquard effect can be donned to discotheques as such an effect will enhance the shimmering effect. A satin dress is perfect for summers but this dress can make you sweat a bit, so make sure you wear such a dress for indoor parties, where there is an air conditioner.

Summer Dresses Based On Floral Patterns

Florals are forever just like diamonds and denim! So, yes a floral dress is a must-have and we are pretty sure, you all have at least one floral dress in your cupboard. So, based on the floral dress, we have selected, we can tell you on what occasion you can wear a particular floral dress and we'll give you the reason too. Also, we will tell you how to accessorise your floral dress. Time for some floral rush!

Courtesy: Dolce & Gabbana

11. A Lace Floral Dress

A short lace dress with gorgeous floral patterns like the one in the image can be donned for light occasions. Since a lace dress exudes flirty and playful vibes, you can wear this dress to date or even for a fun night with your girl gang. You can team your short lace floral dress with something like bow-shaped sandals or wedges. Accessorise your lace floral dress with beaded hoops or floral bracelets.

Courtesy: Farida Gupta

12. A Floral Midi Dress

A floral midi dress can be teamed for shopping outing or if you are planning to meet your parents. A floral midi dress like the one in the picture with a small v-neckline can also be sported for formal events. You can wear flat sandals with this type of a floral midi dress and notch up your look with dainty studs and a pendant necklace. Additionally, you can also wear a smartwatch for a professional look.

Courtesy: Forever New

13. A Belted Floral Dress

Planning on attending your friend's birthday party or some light event organised by your college, you can wear this belted floral dress as it will be easy to carry, fuss-free, and will give a smart look. You can team this floral dress with pencil heels or subtle block heels. Depending on the occasion, you can pair this floral dress as in the image with a hairband. Wear studs or floral-cut earrings with such a dress as in the picture.

Courtesy: Prabal Gurung

14. An Edgy Floral Dress

Who says you can't wear florals to pub nights. So, if you are choosing a dress like the one in the image, you can wear it to the late-night parties with your friends. With multi-hued floral accents on the black hue and the yellow bodice, this dress is perfect for high voltage parties. Team it with pencil heels or flats (in case you want to dance). You can wear edgy danglers and complementing bracelets with this dress.

Courtesy: Marks & Spencer

15. A Round-Collar Floral Dress

A round-collar floral dress can be donned anywhere right from date evenings to morning college lectures. You should totally wear this dress when you don't want to look too bold. Any kind of sandals will go with this dress and you can team this dress with small hoops or studs but no necklace or neckpiece, please.

Summer Dresses Based On Work

These days, you can spot different style of dresses, which boast intricate craftsmanship. From chikankari dress to kalamkari dress, you can find so many interesting dresses. So, we are going to tell you about dresses based on the work done on them and the significance of each dress.

Courtesy: Mogra Designs

16. A Chic Chikankari Dress

You can sport a chikankari dress even at home. Chikankari cotton dresses are light and highly recommended during summers. Originated in Lucknow, chikan is the hand embroidery and is basically white-on-white embroidery. However, these days, you can find more colour options such as pink and green. A chikankari dress will make you feel fresh and look adorable.

Courtesy: Fabindia

17. A Formal Bagru Dress

A popular Rajasthani craftwork, Bagru printing is an ancient form of hand-blocking printing, which results from using natural dyes and wooden blocks. Characterised by floral or linear patterns, a bagru cotton dress like this will be an unusual cloth in your wardrobe. You can wear to where you are interning and on a casual occasion too.

Courtesy: Rami Kadi

18. A Shiny Stone And Crystal Dress

Studded with gemstones and crystals, these dresses are modern and perfect for glitzy parties. Embellished with Swarovski crystals, this dress is also ideal for the parties with a lot of music and dance. The intricately-adorned stonework has emerged as a popular work in the modern narrative but please don't wear these dresses to sunlit parties.

Courtesy: AJIO

19. A Kaleidoscopic Kalamkari Dress

Kalamkari is a handloom art and it is an art form that depicts scenes from Indian mythological tales. A kalamkari dress because of its intricate patterns always fascinates everyone and this is why you should invest in a kalamkari dress this summer. You can wear it for a brunch party or any formal event, and even in a professional environment.

Courtesy: The Loom

20. An Understated Ikat Dress

Ikat is a tie and dye technique and it is one of the oldest textile arts of the world. Ikat dresses are usually muted-hued and exude laidback vibes. You can wear ikat dresses at your college and even light or formal occasions. Ikat dresses also look classy so you can wear it to events. Well, ikat dress is what you should want right away.

Summer Dresses Based On Multi-Hued Patterns

Now, dresses are a lot more fun when nobody can actually understand and explain it. In other words, your dress doesn't necessarily have to be straightforward like a floral dress but can have a multitude of hues and patterns and these dresses are particularly ideal if you are looking forward to partying. So, here are some multi-hued dresses that we have selected for you.

Courtesy: Adah Sharma's Instagram

21. An Interesting Dual Pattern Dress

Yes, you can confuse everyone by buying a dress that doesn't have one specific pattern and instead has two different patterns - for instance, floral and geometrical. Adah Sharma's dress has multi-hued splash patterns with a poster on the bodice, which makes the attire so interesting.

Courtesy: Anita Dongre's Instagram

22. A Fantastic Fusion Dress

You see, one of the reasons fusion dresses are so interesting is because these dresses incorporate a number of patterns. They can have something like miniature prints, animal-inspired patterns, mirror-work, and floral accents all in one single dress. And well, who doesn't want to see herself in such a dress!

Courtesy: Label Ritu Kumar

23. A Subtle Pattern Dress

Well, imagine yourself slipping into a light dress on a hot summer day. Also, imagine the dress features interplay of light patterns and dual-toned hues. The dress as in the image is a perfect example of what we are talking about as this dress will make you look interesting without being way too patterned. You can wear it for casual evening strolls too.

Courtesy: Manish Arora's Instagram

24. A Colourful Pattern Dress

Well, not all of us want a dress with light patterns, some of us want to attend a red carpet event and want something out of this world. If that's the case, you should opt for a dress with myriad hues and patterns like fire and nature-inspired as in the image. You can team your dress with a multi-hued jacket to create a layered effect.

Courtesy: Taapsee Pannu's Instagram

25. A Dramatic Printed Dress

Yes, a multi-hued dress allows us to create a fashion statement without the burden of wearing too much accessory. This dress donned by Taapsee Pannu can have dual tones but the floral and fantasy patterns with patchwork fillers make this dress so outstanding. You can wear such a dress to grand occasions.

Summer Dresses Based On Classics

They say, classics are a classic for a reason and which is why there are certain dresses, which will always remain relevant. We have mentioned those classic dresses for you, the importance of each dress, and also to which occasion you should wear a particular dress.

Courtesy: Revolve

26. An Eye-Catching Plaid Design

A plaid dress is a casual classic wear and this dress is accentuated by checkered patterns usually in yellow, black, and white hues. These dresses are simple, so you can wear such a dress at home and also for light occasions like watching a movie in multiplex with friends. A plaid dress could be a humble piece but is very eye-catching.

Courtesy: Aastha Sharma's Instagram

27. A Cheerful Candy Cane Dress

There's nothing that makes heads turn faster than a dress that is inspired by candy cane hues. A candy cane dress is a classic and has been donned by many celebrities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Such a dress can be worn to birthday parties or other fun events, and even for restaurant evenings with friends.

Courtesy: FableStreet

28. A Vintage Checkered Dress

Two-toned checkered patterned dresses can transport us to the 60s era. These dresses with dual checkered patterns usually blue and white can also be called gingham dresses and the best part about such a pattern is that you can slay it on almost any day occasion. Such a dress exudes comforting vibes.

Courtesy: Katy Perry's Instagram

29. A Retro Polka Dot Dress

There's nothing more classic and retro than a polka-dotted dress. A black and white polka-dotted dress can be donned for any event but usually, you should wear it for light and intimate fun occasions depending on the type of dress. For instance, the one Katy Perry has donned can be worn for big glamorous nights.

Courtesy: Ralph Lauren

30. A Bossy Tuxedo Dress

If you want to exude power the old-fashioned way, follow our advice blindly. Buy a tuxedo brown-hued dress with a jacket style and wear to meetings, college events, a date, an evening party, a morning get-together - almost anywhere. A tuxedo dress fits into any occasion. Pair it with shades though for more impact.

So, which summer dress will you pick from the list. Let us know that