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Style Goal Of The Week: Mix Different Prints Like A Boss


Two contrasting prints can very well be paired together! It is a common myth that you shouldn't try teaming two different prints. In fact, in order to look trendier and a lot sassier, you should definitely give a myriad printed outfit a shot. However, you have to be able to pull it off too as otherwise, your fashion statement can go for a toss.

A lot of divas, pair their printed top or skirt with plain-hued another piece of cloth. Now, even though it works, it is a safe choice. In other words, it is boring. So, we encourage you to step up your fashion game and don't fall for the myth that two odds prints cannot work well.

Celebs like 96-year old Iris Apfel often team different bold prints and make it work. So, if she can do it without any qualms, so can you young ladies. Though mixing patterns is an art in itself, it is quite a challenging art. Sometimes, it can even go horribly wrong and we are pretty sure you don't want to look like a person, who has dressed up without seeing herself in the mirror.

There are certain ways of mixing prints and patterns. The safest and the most foolproof way is to mix prints of the same colour family. So, for example, if your top has black prints, your complementing skirts can have other prints but dipped in a black hue.

Stripe-print mixing is the most common and slay-worthy. A vertical striped one piece can be paired with a horizontal striped another piece to create a stunning effect. You can also mix the same pattern. For instance, if your top has huge circles, your pants or palazzos can support the same circles in smaller sizes. This is a guaranteed head-turning combination and not a very scary one. Similarly, polka dots and stripes are a winning combination.

Florals are the commonest of all the prints. And a lot of fashion critics believe that different floral prints cannot go together. Well, not necessarily! Sometimes, teaming one floral clothing item with another can produce a mind-blowing effect. Try doing that and proving the critics wrong. Moreover, nature-inspired prints can also be blended with striped bottoms.

We are sure that all the ladies who admire Elsa Schiaparelli's brand of fashion definitely have a soft corner for leopard prints. In case of leopard prints, while you can pair the same prints of different sizes but you can change the background colour. For example, your bright yellow/golden leopard print top can be teamed successfully with a deep red pencil skirt. Sounds sexy, isn't it?

You can also pair breezy with structural. How? Well, very simple. Take a flowy top with say triangular prints and then pair it with tight skirts or pants with geometrical rectangular prints. Also, if you are in a mood for something fun, you can pair a graphic tee with striped or polka-dotted shorts. This interesting mixture will surely get you a lot of attention.

Sometimes, some of us are hesitant about mixing prints but still, we want to. In such a situation, you can wear a printed top and then pair it with a plain skirt with a contrasting printed border. Problem solved, right?

Also, you can try accessorising your printed ensemble with tribal jewellery and printed side bags and shades.

Well, we hope, we have given you enough inspiration and ways of sporting prints. So, now don't even give it a second thought and mix prints like a pro.

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