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6 Ways You Can Style Twin With Your Besties


For girls, their best friends or whom they call 'besties' are always their priority before anyone else. Now, it is not unique that all best friends like to style alike each other.

As best friends, you would like to buy clothes together and mostly having similar costume choices, you end up buying clone copies of each others' style books.

It is not just buying the same dresses that can make you guys twin with each other. You can actually follow these steps to know how differently you can be style twins.


Reciprocated Colour Combination

It is not always the same dress you have to buy to look alike in style. You can often turn up looking boring if you two are wearing the same clothes. To make it less boring, you can actually try similar style books with altered colour combinations. For example, if one is wearing a maroon top and white bottom, the other can wear white top and maroon bottom.


Same Colours, Different Shades

Colours can be mixed and matched but not always can you find a good alternative colour combination that can fit you both. While you are struggling for alternative colour combinations that fit you both, try the covenient way of twinning in the same coloured attires but in different shades. Sounds cool, eh?


Single Colour Group

It is not essential that you need to find the same colours only to team with each other. You and your bestie (besties) can still be twinning in the same style but in different colours from the same colour group. Warm colours like red, yellow and orange fall under the same colour group and you can try each of these colours on each of you and be the cool twinning partners.


Uniting In Style

Many of you have already tried this way of twinning with your best friend. You can often decide on wearing kurtis together or wearing maxi dresses together. Then you can also look different in different shades and designs and at the same time will be pairing together.


Keeping The Prints Alike

You might be best friends but that does not make the same taste for attires you wear. One might like wearing skirts more or another may want to wear dresses. Still you can twin, how? You can try on similar prints of material and wear different types of style books.


Feet-ing Together

While twinning with your attires gets boring, you can also wear the same shoes together for one single occasion. Keeping your attires different; you can still fit to be twins by wearing shoes of same colour, same pattern or same brand.

Have you tried any other ways of twinning with your best friend? If you have, you can totally get back to us with your suggestions and feedbacks. We will be more than happy to get your responses.

Story first published: Thursday, November 9, 2017, 19:01 [IST]
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