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Republic Day 2020: Unique Coloured Outfit Ideas Other Than Tricolour For Instagram Moments


Yeah, not everyone finds it exciting to wear tricolours or one of the tricolours for theme events hosted on Republic Day. Sometimes, particularly in educational institutions, the staff is required to wear specifically three hues or either of the three - saffron, white, and green. Republic day is a non-working day but some offices throw a Republic Day party a day before 26th January and it becomes so monotonous. Every one turns up in either of the three hues, particularly green! So, this Republic Day, we suggest you try wearing an outfit of colours other than tricolours.

Also, adding to that, we could have also recommended you to wear simple hues such as red and pink but then that would have been another cliché. So, let's not make it so simple and instead try some unusual shades of basic hues. For Republic Day 2020, here are the unique hues that you can wear and create a super awesome Instagram-worthy moment.

Charcoal Hue Instead Of Black

Yes, charcoal hue is a lighter version of black hue and it can be pretty awesome to wear a colour that looks like a cross between black and smoky grey. With simple black colour, you won't be able to make a statement but with charcoal hue, you will look a class apart, as it not the hue that everyone has. Also, if somebody compliments you and says, "You look pretty in a black sari." You can simply reply, "Thank you but it is charcoal but not black." Yeah, you can be a bit cheeky! Charcoal black hue would also give you an opportunity to accessorise your attire with oxidised silver or simple silver jewellery. You can consider pearls but don't go with gold or gemstones. Also, make sure you opt for smokey eye makeup.

Golden Tissue Instead Of Simple Golden

Golden is itself an unusual hue but golden tissue makes festive occasion even more special. It is like golden tissue is made for festive and wedding events and most often even fashion lovers overlook this colour. Later, these fashion enthusiasts realise the fact that they have missed out on this sophisticated hue. The advantage of wearing a golden tissue number is that it exudes vintage vibes and given a relevant backdrop, wearing this attire can give you a picture-perfect moment. This hue will definitely make heads turn. With this colour, you can wear jewellery including soft golden and bronze. Also, make sure you opt for nude-toned makeup with a whiff of bronzer touch.

Pale Pink Instead Of Simple Pink

Pale pink, as the name suggests, is the lighter shade of pink. It is hue, which is understated and delicate, and you wouldn't find ladies wearing it very often. So, instead of picking up a stereotypical pink hue, why don't you opt for paler version of it. The good part about this pale pink colour is that you can pair it with a number of lighter shades like cream. Also, it is not a very difficult hue to find and carry. With pale pink, you can opt for a number of jewellery options that includes gold and gemstones too. Depending on the attire, this hue, is often an all-occasion colour and this is one of the safer shades, in a sense, you can be sure that it won't look bad on you. Also, you can wear some pink makeup.

Mustard Instead Of Bright Yellow

Yellow is a colour that can make you look more vibrant than usual but it is also one of the most cliché hues. Adding to that, not everyone wants to looks too vibrant, a few might even want to wear something, which is a bit toned down. So, we recommend you wear a mustard colour outfit as it would be a cross between bright and muted. Like pale pink, mustard hue is also easy to find, even easier and still mustard shade is often ignored. Too bad! With mustard outfit, you can go for gold jewellery. A slightly light makeup will go well with mustard ensemble. So, this Republic Day, remember mustard not yellow!

Crimson Red Instead Of Plain Red

So, crimson red is the brighter shade of red and if you are one of those people, who prefer red over maroon, this is the shade for you. For Republic Day 2020, opt for crimson shade instead of a simple one, as it will make you look more vibrant than usual. So, this time, if you wear crimson outfit, team it with gold jewellery. Also, keep the makeup light with some nude touches. However, if you are in a mood of wearing a red lip shade then make sure your eye makeup is subtle, as it will balance the look.

Powder Blue Instead Of Blue

As far as blue is concerned, it is a very common hue but in the world of royal blues and darker shades, you can opt for a very light shade. When wearing a powder blue ensemble, you can go for a bit of an embellished number. Also, keep your jewellery silver or you can also wear pearls and diamonds. If thinking about gemstones, make sure you go for appropriate coloured stone. Gold can be considered but don't go for elaborate gold pieces.

So, which unique hue are you going to choose for the Republic Day 2020? Let us know that.

Story first published: Sunday, January 26, 2020, 7:00 [IST]